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May's Theme of the Month is Dedication

Our May Theme of the Month is Dedication
noun: dedication
  1. 1
    the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.
    “his dedication to his duties”
    synonyms: commitment, application, diligence, industry, resolve, enthusiasm, zeal, conscientiousness, perseverance, persistence, tenacity, drive, staying power; 

    hard work, effort
    “athletic excellence requires dedication”
    devotion, commitment, loyalty, adherence, allegiance
    “her dedication to the job”
    antonyms: apathy, laziness, indifference
  2. 2
    the action of dedicating a church or other building.
    “the dedication and unveiling was attended by some 5,000 people”
    • the words with which a book or other artistic work is dedicated.
      plural noun: dedications
      “the hardback edition contained a warm dedication to his wife”
      synonyms: inscription, address, message

      “the book has a dedication to her husband”
late Middle English: from Latin dedicatio(n-), from dedicare ‘devote, consecrate’ (see dedicate).
Our Poses of the Month are grounding hip openers. Let’s (re)dedicate ourselves to our practice, root into in the fertile soil of spring, and see what blossoms!

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How Be Yoga Came to Be, by Wendy Swanson

How Be Yoga Came to Be And my story, or at least some of it Around 1999 or so I knew in the deepest parts of my soul that I was a healer and that someday I wanted to have a wellness center and yoga studio. I was 29 years old, single, living in Northampton, MA and... read more

Pro-Tips & Etiquette, by Kaitlin Lacey

Is yoga your new year’s resolution? Here are some pro-tips to ensure you enjoy the experience, and some etiquette pointers so you’ll know how yogis roll. Arrive 10-15 Minutes Before Class Starts. Having time to talk to the teacher about injuries or other... read more
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