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June's Theme of the Month is Light

June is upon us! Isn’t it delightful? The brightest month of the year! The Summer Solstice is only 20 days away, and between now and then, we’ll enjoy more and more moments in the growing light. Until we round the cusp of the Solstice itself, of course, and start heading back towards the darker days. In this season, more than any other, we are able to take in all around us (especially with our visual sense) MORE. Literally more light is shed, and we see more. Perhaps we become more enlightened. 🙂 The glowing summer months are also a time of high fertility, expression, and plenty. The earth around us resounds with green abundance, and people burst outdoors (and then rebound back into the a.c.) in this brilliant season of heated passion and potent playfulness…
Yet light is most meaningful in the context (and contrast) of both light and dark… and, of course, we are made up of both. May we remember our pure essence of light, and allow it to cast its warm glow of awareness, compassion, and clarifying, transformative power across all aspects of our lives, even our shadow sides. One of the most splendid results of our practice is that we recognize and remember our own light and the light within others, and that light begins to shift the way we see all things.
As Kate Holcombe says in her article The Yoga Sutra: Your Guide To Living Every Moment, the results of practice are that “you are able to respond from a place of love 
and trust, of compassion and nonjudgment. You shine from your center as a result of being connected to something deep within you as well as beyond you. When you are connected to your core and acting from that place within, you will find that you can handle almost any situation with much greater ease and clarity.” (lightness!)

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How Be Yoga Came to Be, by Wendy Swanson

How Be Yoga Came to Be And my story, or at least some of it Around 1999 or so I knew in the deepest parts of my soul that I was a healer and that someday I wanted to have a wellness center and yoga studio. I was 29 years old, single, living in Northampton, MA and... read more

Pro-Tips & Etiquette, by Kaitlin Lacey

Is yoga your new year’s resolution? Here are some pro-tips to ensure you enjoy the experience, and some etiquette pointers so you’ll know how yogis roll. Arrive 10-15 Minutes Before Class Starts. Having time to talk to the teacher about injuries or other... read more
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