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April's Theme of the Month is Prana

Our April Theme of the Month is prana (breath, life force, vital energy).
This month at Be Yoga we will be  focusing on invigorating backbends, to clear our energy channels, open up our chest cavity, and enhance our prana. As we “spring clean” our bodies with seasonal foods, water, and movement/breath, we welcome deeper breathing, stronger energy flow, and a more intimate connection to our pranamaya kosha (aka “the breath body” or “the energy body”). When our prana is healthy, we feel fully alive, vibrant, and in the flow.
“The word Prāṇāyāma derives from the Sanskrit words prāṇa and ayāma, translating as “life force” and “expansion” respectively. It is a common term for various techniques for accumulating, expanding and working with prana. In yoga, pranayama is a practise of specific and often intricate breathing techniques.[18] Many pranayama techniques are designed to cleanse the energetic channels called nadis allowing for greater movement of prana.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prana

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Pro-Tips & Etiquette, by Kaitlin Lacey

Is yoga your new year’s resolution? Here are some pro-tips to ensure you enjoy the experience, and some etiquette pointers so you’ll know how yogis roll. Arrive 10-15 Minutes Before Class Starts. Having time to talk to the teacher about injuries or other... read more

I have always wanted to save the world, by Wendy Swanson

I have always wanted to save the world. When I was in elementary school I befriended every odd girl out partly because I too felt like the odd girl out and partly because I could not stand any injustice or seeing someone else suffer. I grew up in a middle class... read more
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