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December's Theme of the Month is Joy

This fall, we’ll come back to the Yoga Sutras, and specifically one Sutra/section of Sutras, to inspire our themes over next four months. This month is about compassion… the practice of karuna

Our Fall Themes of the Month are:
Maitrī (loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence) <– called mettā, in Pali
October: Karunā (compassion, support)

November: Upeksanam (indifference, equanimity)
December:  Muditā (gladness, joy)


These four sublime attitudes (also known as the brahmaviharas, or “divine abodes”) stem from Buddhist practices, and are listed in Yoga Sutra 1.33 as four qualities to cultivate in order to stabilize and clear the mind, to keep the mind in a state of well-being, and to support our journey towards Self-realization.

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