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Are you ready to dive deeper into your personal practice? Are you ready to share your love of yoga with the world? You may be ready for Teacher Training! 200 hour training beginning Fall 2015.

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Be Good - Karma Yoga

Be Yoga partners with a different local charity every two months. We donate $0.25 every time you check in to Be Yoga on social media and offer a karma class for that charity in which all proceeds go to. Find out more about our current partner Angels In Need, and opportunities to get involved.
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October's Theme of the Month is "Turning over a new Leaf"

Our October Theme of the Month is “Turning over a new Leaf”

“Turning over a new leaf” is all about transformation/revelation, and re-commitment to our true colors.

The Science of the Changing Leaves

 See, we all love the fall. We love to see the leaves change. We exclaim at their brilliant beauty! But the thing is, the leaves aren’t actually changing colors. The green we see throughout the growing season is created by the pigment chlorophyll, which isn’t the only pigment present, but rather the most dominant. So when its season is done, it gently fades away… and it’s then that the other colors (the less dominant pigments) are finally revealed! The process is not as much transformation as it is revelation. The vivid expressions of red and yellow and purple and orange were there all the time…

 What’s ready to take a more prominent seat in your life? What’s ready to fall away? What can you let go of to reveal this new expression?

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What is Yoga? by Mara Healy

“Yoga is the teacher of yoga; yoga is to be understood through yoga. So live in yoga to realize yoga; comprehend yoga through yoga; he who is free from distractions enjoys yoga through yoga.” ~Sri Vyasa (first commentator on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) What does... read more

Beer and Yoga: My Experience, by Wendy Swanson

Every once in awhile there is something that gnaws at me and will not let go until I do something about it. My experience assisting a yoga class at a brewery is one of those times. I’ve been reluctant to share this, since my viewpoint goes against the grain and... read more

The Freedom to Make Mistakes, by Elizabeth Dickinson

There is a quote by Gandhi that really inspired me this week, and it reads: “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes” I love this quote because it calls us to really look at the ways in which we limit and trap... read more

I {HEART} my Sangha! by Kellie Jackson Daniel

Community!!! One of my favorite things to celebrate! In honor of our theme for July, I wanted to share how my love for community began and continues to grow! It was not until moving to Charlotte 13 years ago, that I discovered the practice of yoga and sometimes I... read more
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