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Are you ready to dive deeper into your personal practice? Are you ready to share your love of yoga with the world? You may be ready for Teacher Training! 200 hour training beginning Fall 2015.

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Be Good - Karma Yoga

Be Yoga partners with a different local charity every two months. We donate $0.25 every time you check in to Be Yoga on social media and offer a karma class for that charity in which all proceeds go to. Find out more about our current partner Angels In Need, and opportunities to get involved.
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July's Theme is Sangha

Our July Theme of the Month is sangha, the Sanskrit word for community. (Some of you may remember Sangati, where many of our Align & Flow teachers taught… Sangati means “little community” or “community of the heart”.) The term sangha implies a coming together due to common interests and/or shared purpose. Though our students each come to Be for their own practice, they (knowingly or unknowingly) join a community of like-minded individuals, each on their own yogic path. Sangha can refer to a relatively small community, like our Be Yoga staff, teachers, ambassadors, and students, or a larger community, like the yoga community as a whole.

Be Yoga Teachers

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I {HEART} my Sangha! by Kellie Jackson Daniel

Community!!! One of my favorite things to celebrate! In honor of our theme for July, I wanted to share how my love for community began and continues to grow! It was not until moving to Charlotte 13 years ago, that I discovered the practice of yoga and sometimes I... read more

Body Talk: by Nia® Spotlight – Body – Beautiful

How do you define your “Body – Beautiful”? This month we challenged ourselves with finding the meaning within us.  Maybe it is waking up and not feeling pain in your joints; perhaps it is taking a walk outside and being able to go that extra mile.  This intention has... read more

A Letter For Myself in 30 Years, by Amber Severson

As an assignment for our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainees, Greg and Marcia ask that each of them write a letter to themselves 30 years in the future. This is Amber’s letter. The branches loomed gnarled and gnawing, through a shadowy canopy of unbroken forest.... read more

Nux Love, by Sonya Pfeiffer

During this month where we are focusing on kama, or pleasure, I suppose it is fitting that I have been roped into writing about a very comfortable pair of yoga capris that I uncharacteristically gushed about in an email to Be Yoga’s owner, Wendy Swanson. As I wrote to... read more
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