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I moved to Charlotte in 2005 and have driven through the intersection of Carmel Road and Pineville-Matthews Road on a daily basis – sometimes multiple times in a day. When the imposing two-story edifice was erected on the northwest corner of the strip-mall pocked intersection in 2006, my soul already unhappy to have landed in Charlotte, NC gave way to a combined eye roll with deep chest heave. And so Carmel Village Shopping Center was marked in my brain as a garish homage to suburban consumerism. With an illogical fastidiousness I spent six years waiting for the green turn signal in the left turn utterly irritated by its presence.

Then came BeYoga. Now to be clear, I am a wanderer with a local traveling radius easily an order of magnitude beyond that of my friends and coworkers. It means I enjoy practicing at every yoga studio in town – except for the one where my son’s step-mother teaches, at which I’m still working up the courage to lay down my mat. Nonetheless, that structure I expended so much energy refusing to acknowledge suddenly had a pulse; the same warm, welcoming pulse that emanates from atop the quaint brick building on East Blvd.

Eventually my heart softens and I cross the threshold, like a skittish cat I poke around a bit. Looking through the square window into the main studio, an involuntary wow escapes my lips. Christine quips “We made it just for you.” Chuckling I think to myself it kind of feels that way. Its warm heartedness wraps around my well-fed skepticism of Charlotte. It forces me to acknowledge this studio, the people who teach here, who practice here too embody Charlotte, an equally real, -dare I say-vivacious Charlotte.

Welcome, BeYoga, to the neighborhood and thank you for the positive light you cast on the Queen City.


Laura, Be Yoga Student