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I started Christine’s vinyasa class feeling tired and uncomfortable in my own skin, but I walked out completely refreshed — my digestive tract was calm, and the skin on my face felt newly warm and moist. I was practically giddy with relief and joy that I had made it to yoga class. When my husband came home from work, he looked at me as if he was seeing something in particular. “Are you noticing something?” I asked. “Did you get a facial?” he wondered. (Unlikely, because I almost never get facials. But I decided to run with it.) “Well, what are you looking at exactly?” I asked again. “The texture of your skin looks different and you are really rosy,” he said. That was such a fascinating comment because he was seeing something of how I felt both inside and out! My body had gone from gritty and gray to smooth and rosy. “Not a facial, honey, just a yoga class!” What a great fix, thanks Christine!

xo, Marcy