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Friday, December 14th was a day of tragedy and incomprehensible horror. I came home from my job as an elementary school librarian saddened and heavy hearted. I didn’t have the opportunity to process what I was feeling with anyone that night.

I came to my 8:15 hot vinyasa class with Emily the next morning. I always look forward to this class to kick off my weekend. I almost didn’t go, but I pushed through that and showed up. I sat down on my mat and Emily began her opening greeting and meditation. She immediately asked the class if there were any teachers. I hesitantly raised my hand, the only one up in the room. She walked over to me, asked me to stand up, and gave me the most warm hearted and compassionate hug. I started quietly sobbing, just the release I needed.

Class was wonderful, as usual. We ended in a closing circle, repeating some positive mantras to send love and peace out into the world. BeYoga is such a welcoming, loving and safe place with wonderful greeters and teachers. It seems that your foundation is truly encouraging the human spirit. I feel that every time I enter the BeYoga doors, but felt it in such a powerful way last Saturday that I wanted to share that with you!

Thanks for the privilege of practicing at your amazing place!

Jenny Newstead