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Are you interested in learning more about yoga? Maybe you like the challenge of a workout on the mat, but you also want to understand more about alignment and the therapeutic benefits of your poses. Perhaps you are intrigued by the philosophy that supports our practice, or the lifestyle. You might have noticed that showing up on the mat helps you show up a little better off the mat, too… and it’d be good to find a community who gets that.

We hear ya! And we are so lucky to have such a wide array of classes at Be to support a wide array of students and interests! Our newest class style, formerly Be Immersed, is now called Align & Flow. Our Align & Flow teachers have all trained in the Anusara style and are well-versed in alignment principles and transformational practices for all levels. Anusara, which means “flowing with grace”, is a practice of building strong, safe poses, while energetically expressing them from the inside-out.

Each Align & Flow class begins with centering and tuning into the breath. Your teacher will introduce a theme to inspire the practice, which she may weave into the physical instructions throughout class. Sometimes the teacher will also lead the class in chanting Aum (Om), an invocation, or a mantra. All classes include a focus on alignment to maximize the flow of energy in your body, and empower you to learn and experience greater stability, freedom, and ease in each pose. Often, there is also a partner pose or two, to support you in safely exploring poses you might not be able to do (or do as fully) on your own. Align & Flow classes offer the opportunity to better know our true nature, on the mat, so we may be more skillful in our expression, off the mat! Align & Flow classes also celebrate joy, community, and our interconnected existence.

Give it a try! Whether you’re new to yoga, or just new to this style… come see what a little alignment can do for your flow!