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I began my adventure with yoga in February 2012 at a local gym. I was going 2-3 times per week. I really liked the way yoga made me feel; I also liked that my co-workers were noticing a change in my body even though I wasn’t losing weight. I wanted to up the ante and began to scope out local yoga studios. In September 2012, I took my first class at Be Yoga where I instantly fell in love. It took a little convincing for my husband to agree to the switch from gym to yoga studio, because of the price difference. However, once he saw how happy I was practicing yoga at Be, he understood.

Yoga keeps me on my toes. It took me almost a year to be able to hold crow, and 15 months to master half moon. The challenge of learning new poses holds my attention and gives me something to look forward to. I always think about which pose I will get next! Right now I’m doing Be’s Summer of Yoga Challenge, which will definitely help my progress. [Keep track of Jennifer and all of our dedicated yogis on the Summer of Yoga Challenge Facebook page.]

Jennifer HuggThe community at Be Yoga has been really supportive. During the “Peace Train” I was able to bring seven friends. Some of them came willingly and others took a little convincing. I explained to them that there is no judgement. The instructors are supportive and express that every body is different and everybody is in a different place.

I could go on and on about my experiences and stories about BeYoga, but I’ll close with this one: My friend visiting from out of town came with me to Emily’s Saturday morning Hot Vinyassa class. She was expecting to hate the experience, but wound up absolutely loving it! She has been looking for a place to practice yoga since she got back home to Montana.


Jennifer Hugg