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I used to participate in triathlons and kept injuring myself. In 2001 I was paying a physical therapist $80 a session to watch me do stretching exercises. One day I stumbled upon a yoga class at my gym doing all of the same stretches; turned out it was cat, cow, child’s pose, down dog and upward dog to name a few. I decided to ditch the PT and do yoga instead. For the first 5 years I only did yoga a few days a week in conjunction with lifting and swimming. It wasn’t until I moved to Cleveland Yoga and participated in a Baron Baptiste 40 Day challenge that I truly discovered the full potential of my practice. After 40 straight days of nothing but yoga and meditation I felt better than I ever had before in my adult life. I went back in the pool and shaved 2 minutes off my mile and lost nothing in my weight-lifting. From that point on I gave up all other forms of conventional exercise. I figured if I can maintain and gain physical strength and achieve mental benefits while being surrounded by a supportive and like-minded community, why do anything else but yoga?

MichaelDavispigeonAfter living in Charlotte for 3 years I just recently moved to Be Yoga because the heat at other studios in town was really bothering me. I have been very impressed by the variety of classes offered at Be, especially my new found passion, aerial yoga! I have only been going to Be since June but have already made many new friends among the staff and my fellow students. I look forward to seeing you on your mat…or “hanging around” in aerial.