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As the saying goes, it is not the destination that matters it’s the journey in which we take to get there. That can definitely be said for me. Yoga has never been a straight road for me, rather a very windy and rocky one. There was never the “perfect” fit, the right location, or the profound teacher. My yoga journey really started when I began to hear to my inner voice.

I’ve found that our inner voices can only be silenced for so long and mine eventually reached a screaming point: “Go to Yoga Amy, be still and just take a breath.” As I sighed deeply and sipped my tea there it was – an ad for Be Yoga. Could my inner voice be any clearer!?

So I took the leap and went to check out the studio. If anyone has felt that moment where you enter a place and it just feels right, this was it for me. Everything about Be was warm, welcoming and radiating pure energy and joy. My first class was small and inviting and taught by Nan Vuncannon. She was very funny, engaging and kept reminding us to do our best, enjoy the poses in “our” way and go with what felt right to us. There was no feeling of judgement or competitiveness; we were all in this together. You could feel the support around the room, it was wonderful. And then, there it was  – this smile on my face and shift in my spirit. I was having a good time. I left my first class rejuvenated and ready for more.

All journeys have new directions and signs to help us along the way. Little did I know that Be Yoga, would be that brilliant shining symbol for me. I was becoming a regular at the studio, creating a routine with the help of some amazing teachers, and the connections I was making with my fellow yogis was a wonderful bonus.

Then one of my classmates told me about a new class called Nia. She explained that it’s a mix of martial arts and dance. When she said the word DANCE…the sound rang off her lips. I LOVE to dance. Music and dance has always resonated with me since I was a little girl. Why hadn’t I ever heard of Nia, has it been around long? I was about to find out that it’s made up of so much more.

So off I went to Nia class with Terese Schoen. What a light she is, so full of genuine happiness and joy. The class started with some amazing soothing soul music. I could feel the energy flowing through my body as Terese urged us to move in “your body’s way” and “feel the sensations of your hips.” These words were like the melody to my spirit’s dance. I felt alive and filled with emotions I hadn’t felt in a long time. The class seemed to go by so quickly and I didn’t want it to end. As we were closing, I felt a wetness on my cheeks and to my amazement realized that it wasn’t just sweat, it was tears. What a release! Where was this coming from, how could a class touch me so? Did this happen to everyone? If a practice can do this then I want to be part of this Nia, I want to teach this!

I continued to take my yoga classes and found that I was appreciating them more since taking Nia. My Nia practice was getting better and my movements were more fluid because of my yoga practice. The two were moving simultaneously, intertwining together, creating a continuous rhythm. Without the yoga, I wouldn’t have found Nia, without Nia I wouldn’t have deepened my connection to yoga. An amazing union was created.

I started practicing at Be Yoga in January and have just completed my White Belt Training for Nia in July. I am at the beginning of a new path on my journey’s road, barefooted and eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. My soul and body have never felt more connected to Mother Earth and the Universal Spirit. I am giddy with excitement and joy and am ready to share this wonderful gift of Nia with my community and the world. I look at the sign outside of the studio, “Be Yoga”, and can hear the luring hum calling, Beeee Yoga, its been signing to me all along, I just wasn’t still enough to hear its song,…..until now.

Our journeys are filled with the melodies of moments, and we are all dancing through life, we just don’t realize it. Take the time to be still, listen, and move in your body’s way, it is telling you all you need to know…make this lifetime count.