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Throughout my life, I have enjoyed participating in organized group exercise. When I was younger there were the high impact aerobic classes, the step aerobic classes, and the cycling classes. I exercised because I enjoyed being active and definitely wanted to burn calories. I worked as a Medical Technologist in a busy clinical Microbiology laboratory and was also chauffeur, room mother, swim team mom, etc. for my 3 young children. In addition, I enjoyed and still enjoy sewing, jewelry making, needlework and have dabbled in just about every craft there is. I am definitely what you would call a Type A.

As I grew older (and probably wiser), I found that the high impact cardio was taking a toll on my body and I needed to find another form of exercise that was more suited to me. Thus, eight years ago my yoga journey began at the urging of my 2 daughters who were practicing at Charlotte Yoga. When I began, my practice was all about staying in shape and trying to keep up with the younger students, but soon I realized that this was my practice and I needed to take care of myself. I have always been flexible, but through concentrating on my breath and alignment, I began to grow stronger and my balance improved. When one of my favorite instructors opened his own studio, I followed and began practicing at Y2 Yoga.

toninozarThe practices at Y2 were very challenging, fast paced, loud music and HOT. I progressed in my practice, and was going about 4 times a week – before work at 6:30 am and on weekends. Life was good, but everything changed after I had surgery on both of my feet which involved wearing a knee high walking boot for 6 months. After the 2nd surgery, I started experiencing chronic pain and stiffness in my lower back. When things didn’t get better, I was sent to a massage therapist, physical therapy, then a physiatrist. An MRI showed degenerative disc disease with nerve impingement in my L3-L4 and also problems with my SI joint on the right side. Next on the agenda were steroid injections and a chiropractor. Needless to say, yoga was out of the picture for about a year.

With the support of my chiropractor, I decided to try yoga more as a therapeutic tool to help my back. This was one year ago when Be Yoga opened at Carmel. Slow Flow class was perfect for me and I started to get better. I was now retired and able to practice almost every day. My back started feeling better with the help of the yoga practice, so I decided to give acupuncture a try to maybe get me over the hump and back to “normal”. Wendy’s acupuncture treatments made a huge difference and throughout the year I have been able to progress to the alignment based classes and even hot vinyasa. The aerial room fascinated me and I finally got the nerve to try beginner aerial yoga. Now I am hooked, and there is nothing like hanging upside down to help my back. There is no limit to what a “senior” can accomplish.

I am so thankful for all of the wonderful and inspiring teachers at Be Yoga – there is so much to offer to everyone – no matter what your interests, ability or age. Through book study with Anje and the summer readings I have been able to look into myself with greater understanding. I have truly bonded with so many new friends of all ages and would encourage anyone to experience all that this amazing studio has to offer.