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“For the yogi, spirit and nature are not separate. The evolution – or involution – that we have achieved in discovering our soul must now be made manifest in our bodies and lives.” – B.K.S Iyengar

We want Be Yoga to feel like a sort of sanctuary. A place for yogis, on all levels of their journey, to come together, to let down their walls and open their hearts. We believe that every breath, each intention, and all aspects of our environment exchange energy and cultivate the atmosphere that is BE Yoga.

Our studio is where we come to practice. Where we release what we no longer need and elevate our consciousness. And we’ve taken special care to create that space in an ethical, eco-friendly way. For when we respect the oneness between spirit and nature, we can better experience the harmonious expansion of body and mind!

Sustainability in Practice

  • Our web provider uses 100% renewable energy – which means, what you’re reading right now is powered by the wind!
  • No trees were harmed in the making of our cork floor. The trees are harvested of bark every 9 years, renewing themselves, and sustaining the original forest.
  • Breathe deep! Our walls and ceilings are painted with No / low VOC paint.
  • We provide 100% recycled paper towels in our bathroom, and they are recycled yet again after use.
  • Recycling bins are placed throughout our studio for convenient access.
  • We strongly encourage refilling stainless steel water bottles (which we now sell) from our reverse osmosis cooler.
  • Our reverse osmosis cooler takes tap water and processes it internally to provide deliciously pure, fluoride-free water.
  • Almost all of our store fixtures are reclaimed and repurposed.