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The first yoga class I went to at Be changed my life. It was kind of funny at first and I snickered to myself during class, I won’t lie. During savasansa I felt this body high sweep over me and I have been devoted to practice ever since. I now find myself craving my favorite classes when I am unable to attend, a predicament I never anticipated. I will never forget the individuals who were there for me at the beginning. Those ladies will always have a special place in my heart. It is from their motivation that my position in the top ten yogis/yoginis for the summer of yoga challenge was possible. I am grateful to Be Yoga and its teachers and staff for all they have taught me, shown me, and allowed me to learn about myself. I never imagined I could bend over backwards into wheel against a wall. Break some patterns yourself and you might be surprised at what you find.

Thank you to Wendy Swanson for allowing all of this to be possible. I would also like to thank Anje Seufert, Nan Vuncannon, Emily Berger, Rachael Weiss, and Lee Anne Smith.