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My yoga journey started when I was 49 and my wife convinced me that we needed yoga to help us relax and overcome stress. Perhaps the best thing she ever sold me on! Our first classes were with Mary Lou Buck in the library at Myers Park High School through CPCC and were based on Kripula Yoga principles. One of the very first things I noticed in class was the gentleness of the students and the lack of ego or competition in the class. Eventually, it was what I saw in the students and the classes that led us to the Unitarian Church and to all levels of spiritual study which includes the Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts which I visit nearly every year.

In periods of self-inquiry, I often contemplate if I would have been the open, spiritual person that I am today if we had not started our yoga journey. While the journey had many paths for me, my wife continued with Kripalu-based yoga, as my journey of exploration led me to many other of the modalities of yoga available in Charlotte. The journey included: Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, vinyasa, Astangha, and finally Anusara beginning in 2005. Part of the journey included completing my teacher’s training at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. Each of my explorations into different yoga styles was a journey to learn more and find the style that I would eventually embrace long term. Anusara whose principles are now practiced within the Align & Flow classes at Be Yoga became my home.

JT PIcture good (1)Today, I find myself in the recovery from major, emergency surgery due to diverticulitis, and the whole process couldn’t have gone better! My doctors tell me that my excellent physical condition is the reason why. And, of course I know that my twenty-one years of yoga and, more current, the three Align & Flow classes a week at Be Yoga is the real reason. For this and so many other benefits, I greatly appreciate the yoga journey my wife and I entered some 21 years ago.

In July on my 70th birthday, I told my teachers that I had a goal of attending Align & Flow classes till I was 80, plus. One could say that I’ve had a bump in the road with my surgery and follow-up surgery that will take place later this year, but there’s absolutely no doubt I’ll get there.

Hope to be back to Be Yoga in mid to late January or so! And gee, I miss you guys……