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My name is Bob Fagan. I did not exercise regularly, except for walking until age 60. I had an older friend who kept urging me to attend yoga classes with him. I finally agreed to go, and borrowed my wife’s yoga mat. She thought that I would go once or twice and abandon the practice of yoga. I started with Mary Lou Buck. I went to class mainly to be with my friend at first, but quickly discovered that I really liked it. Once a week class became two, then three, then four times a week. I was not flexible at first, and weak, especially in the upper body, but with time both improved dramatically I also got into a meditation class. I stayed in the Kripalu tradition for seven years, and enjoyed two week-long yoga trips to Costa Rica along with my wife, and also a long weekend yoga trip. I studied with 6 or 7 different teachers during that seven years. I went to 3 day totally silent (all the time) meditation retreats.

Bob Fagan HeadstandDuring that seven year period there were two annual events called Yoga Jam. It was a day long event with 5 or 6 classes taught by teachers from yoga studios around Charlotte. It was there that I took a class with Kellie and Allison. I was very impressed with their style of yoga and emphasis on alignment. I had an annual contract with another yoga studio, so I did not immediately follow them to their studio.

About a year ago I started coming to Be Yoga. My practice grew by leaps and bounds. I learned a lot about what I was not doing properly. Through repetition I have learned to incorporate the guidance from Be teachers into my practice. I attend 4 classes a week at Be. I have especially enjoyed Allison’s Intermediate class on Monday’s, because it is a slower class where we work on poses in depth, and challenge ourselves to go beyond our present comfort level. It is not a hard class, so anyone can do it. I like that we have the opportunity to talk about what we are doing, and to be able to help each other. It is more like a workshop. Even though the class is not the time of a two or three hour workshop, I go away each week feeling that I have accomplished a lot in the short time.

New experiences are a growth opportunity. I did Nia for several years, even though I was the only male in the class about 95% of the time. I also have tried aerial yoga. I have done hot yoga. You never know until you try if something will just click with you. I would encourage you to branch out, and try something new. See you in class!