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“One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life, and dedicate ourselves to that.” – Joseph Campbell
And what does allow my humanity to flower in this contemporary life? The practice of yoga brings me back, time and again. From anxiety to calm. From frustration to acceptance. From snarkiness to happiness! It’s not that I dont have anxiety, frustration or snarkiness–I just dont have to live in those states!
My yoga practice started with a class at my gym in 2005. I believed I needed more physical flexibility–which was true. But something about yoga really moved me. I was very much in my head at the time and not very much in my spirit. The breath of yoga was calming and energizing. Oh! And I met Tracy Mott there. You might know Tracy–she now teaches at Be.
Wanting more depth, I started also taking classes at studios around town, especially some hot yoga–still a gym rat, I wanted that sweat! I met some other special people there. Christine Riverstone, former director at Be Yoga Dilworth who moved away, miss you much! And my dear friend Deanne Lawing. You might know Deanne–she also now teaches at Be.
I was a bit of a yoga gypsy for a while after that–taking classes at studios all over town for the new student deals. By this time I was teaching at the gym where I first practiced, and at church, and at another gym. Looking for a place to land, maybe.
Carol Head ShotThen–I heard about a new studio-‘Yoga Palace’- and that Christine Riverstone was involved, and some other great people. You might know Kaitlin Lacey? That space on East Blvd. evolved into Be Yoga, my warm and friendly yoga home. And now there are two studios–Hello Carmel!! Wendy Swanson and Andrew Diamond have grown this yoga community with love and care.
So–yoga is a cornerstone of my life. I still take classes at my original gym and I teach there as well. Sometimes tears come to my eyes (and I am not a cryer!) because of what has happend on that floor, and on the mat. There are people who need their spirit unlocked and yoga may be their key. I love it when a new person gets the shining light in their eyes from their first class!
I know that it’s possible to practice at home. Alone. But I’m just not that person. I really love the energy that comes from the purposefullness of planning to go to class, looking forward to class, seeing what will happen on the mat. Half of life is just showing up–and when I fulfill my purpose and unroll my my mat on the floor at Be, I am always glad I showed up, and always, always inspired and amazed by what happens. The community at Be is truly warm, truly welcoming. I have been to studios that have that ‘cooler than thou’ attitude, and am glad that Be doesn’t have that atmosphere.
You will see me at Dilworth most of the time–I’m an eastside Chartottean from way back. I substitute teach sometimes, and I’m an early bird desk deva. You know, one of those chirpy people that launches out of bed like a rocket? Yep.
So, Namaste to all! And since I am writing this on 12/31/13, Happy New Year to all!. Bless us, every one, and let’s have peace, love, happiness and JOY in 2014