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I attended my first yoga class in the spring of 2000. I remember it was in a small room in a now defunct yoga studio in Plaza Midwood. I had no idea what I was doing and I wanted to run away and hide when the teacher started with Om and finished with Nameste. It took me a while to summon up the courage to attend my next class. A few months later I ventured into a class at Charlotte Yoga and felt a little more comfortable. I started going about once a week and was beginning to enjoy the classes. It didn’t take long for me to attend a class taught by Sarah Faircloth. Sarah’s classes were different in a way that I enjoyed. There was more of a theme or focus to most of her classes.

David and AMB halloween

David and Allison having a little Halloween fun!

One day I went to take Sarah’s class and she was was no longer on the schedule. I was just learning about Google so I was able to find her at Yoga For Life. Sarah eventually left Yoga For Life and I followed her to Sangati which she opened with her twin sister Rachael and Brooks Haislip. This is where my yoga journey really took off. I started developing great friendships with other students and I love the feeling of community. I am in long time recovery from a drug problem and my life had been saved by the recovery community. Now I had a new community that continued to increase in importance for me. I was almost always the oldest and least physically fit person in each class yet I NEVER felt judged or “less then.”

In early 2001 I made a decision to sell my business which I’d owned since 1987. I know now that the new mindset I was developing from yoga was part of that decision. Since 2001 I have dealt with a lot of life events: my mother’s death, good business situations, bad business situations, loss of relationships, hip surgery etc. Through those events (and more) the yoga community and my continued practice helped me grow and change in the most important ways. I rarely practice at home because the social aspect of yoga classes is as important to me as the poses.

In the spring of 2012 I found out the Sangati was going to merge into Be Yoga. I was not happy about this development. As a matter of fact I made my concerns very clear to Wendy Swanson when I met her at a class at Sangati. I had learned from my own personal experience that these kind of mergers rarely turned out well for anyone. I did not want to lose what we had at Sangati and I was not confident that Be Yoga could be as good. Thank goodness I was WRONG. This merger turned out to be wonderful for my yoga practice and the community blossomed. I cannot thank Wendy, Andrew, and Kaitlin enough for their passion to make this work. Amazingly Allison and Kellie went from very good yoga teachers to inspirational teachers. I liked Be Yoga so much that I started working at the front desk over two years ago. I feel really good about being part of the team that keeps Be Yoga growing and providing extraordinary experiences for the students.

I learned a long time ago that recovery was not for those who need it necessarily but for those who want it. I think yoga is the the same. I want what I get from my yoga practice and don’t ever plan on stopping. I don’t even remeber why I started but I do know that yoga has changed my life. I generally attend four or five classes a week and know that I ALWAYS leave a class feeling better then I did when I arrived. Most Saturday mornings you can find me attending Allison’s 9:30 Align and Flow class. I hope you’ll join us one Saturday morning-Me and 20 to 25 of my great yoga buddies!

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