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My yoga journey began a little over a year ago. In December of 2012 our daughter told us for Christmas she wanted us to commit to doing yoga. She thought it would be good for us and she didnʼt want to have to take care of us when we get old (sheʼs such a sweet child).

After the holidays I ordered a beginner Yoga DVD…itʼs kinda hard to watch the DVD while you are standing sideways grunting and squinting in a forward fold or hanging upside down so I didnʼt really understand what kind of positions I was suppose to be putting my body into. A few weeks later I saw and ad with a coupon for Be Yoga…well this girl loves a deal, so I found the website, and searched for any beginner classes. Although nothing said BEGINNER, I began with Wendyʼs deep stretch, which said it was beginner friendly. I was so nervous walking into that first class…..afraid I would embarrass myself, fall on my face, accidentally make some bodily noises I didnʼt want to. But the minute Wendy walked in I kept thinking I knew her….even her voice sounded familiar. I made it through that class and thought, ok I can do this.

Robin EdwardsI searched the website for other beginner friendly classes and found what are now the Align and Flow classes. The first couple I attended I thought I would die……it was hot (they werenʼt hot classes), I couldnʼt breathe, my joints sounded like someone stomping on bubble wrap….pop, pop, pop. But I felt so good after class. I also found the Nia classes which allow such fun movement and also feel like a workout. With each class I went to, I felt I was getting a little stronger, and a little more balanced (I am someone who can be standing perfectly still in the middle of a room and fall down, so improved balance is a good thing). And if I was out of town and couldnʼt practice I REALLY missed it.

As I approached the approximate year anniversary of practicing at Be Yoga, the pose of the month was a headstand. NO WAY, I thought. As a child, I had dug up a wooden stage floor with my face, trying to do a hand stand in a dance class. I am not meant to support myself upside down. But Nan and Anje broke down the pose into such basics and were so encouraging, gently guiding us….. just raise one leg, put it down, raise the other. Then one day, Anje came over and said you are so close and encouraged me to try. I lifted one leg, then the other, she helped steady me and TA DA I had done it! At 54 years old I was doing a head stand! I felt like a little kid that had made their first basket, or hit their first baseball. I was excitedly telling everyone I talked to I had done a headstand!

I enjoy every class I attend at Be Yoga, have met some really nice people, and am doing something for myself as well. And maybe my sweet daughter is off the hook for taking care of me, at least for a little longer.