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I am not a teacher (not even close), but have been touched by many in my three months of practice with Be Yoga Charlotte…this Elephant Journal article resonates with me — these ARE the Be Yoga Charlotte teachers. I am proud to be a part of the total Be Yoga Family. I have gained so much more than I ever expected from my experiences, on and off the mat. My Yoga experiences resonate in my daily “intentions” that I have learned to set upon waking (thank you Ashley Voyer).

It thrills me to share with anyone that doubts they can’t do it. I doubted. It’s like a ride a Carowinds/or another amusement park — the one that scares the bejesus out of you, but once you give it a shot you can not get enough, and are begging for more. Join me and all the amazing yogis at Be Yoga, you won’t regret it.

HandMe (2)Importantly, remember the yoga mat and your yoga studio is a non-judgement zone and anyone and everyone is welcome. After your first class you will realize, as I (and everyone else) that no one is looking at you, and honestly they are living and practicing on their mat. It is a matter of you being present and experiencing what is going on with youself. Your movement and your breath on your mat. Don’t be afraid. There is always an amazing teacher there to support you. They will push you to the edge but they will not let you fall. Only help you build your practice, without judgement.

I do not work for Be Yoga (I wish I was advanced enough to work for their inspiring company, that will come with time) , but I love my newly found Be Yoga Family and I cannot thank my daughter, Hayden Stimart enough for firmly pushing me toward the light. I can only aspire to do the same for my friends, family and loved ones….NAMASTE!

Love to you all!!