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Find Your Soul In Yoga

In yoga we peel back the layers so that our authentic self can emerge. We build strength in our bodies so that we may have the fortitude to ride the waves, the ability to stay upright and the ability to fall off the surf board of life and still get back up. We stack our joints one on top of the other so that we may stand firm on our conviction of truth. We open and release tension so that may truly be present with those that we love. We increase our flexibility so like the birch tree we may bend when the storm hits rather than allow ourselves to be completely uprooted.

So when you say yoga is too hard?
I say yes and this is why we practice. I say is it not better that it is hard on your mat so that YOUR life is TRUE.

And when you say yoga is too easy?
I say, with fierce conviction, check back in to yourself, to your life, to your body and most importantly to your SOUL. Yoga may be full of grace and ease but really it is not easy when you are doing it full on.


Wendy Swanson is the Owner and Yoga Director at Be Yoga. She is an inspiration to all of us!