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Slightly over a year ago I made a decision that truly transformed the my yoga practice.  I took the leap and signed up for an unlimited monthly membership at Be Yoga.  It was something i had thought about doing for quite a while, but it always seemed like such a commitment – not only financially, but also in time.  During the first couple of months of my membership, I focused on how many times I was practicing and my per class cost.  But over time I found myself forgetting about the per class and cost and instead focused on the gift I had given myself.  I no longer thought about how many classes I took each month or worried about how many classes were left on my pass or how long I had before my pass expired.  I relaxed and took advantage of being a member of Be Yoga.

Before my membership, I had my regular routine of classes.  With my membership I found the freedom to try new classes, new teachers and new instructors.  My practice expanded to include classes at both the Dilworth and Carmel locations – Align & Flow, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Nia and Body Conditioning!  And after swearing I would never take hot classes, I have even dipped my toes into a Hot Vinyasa class.  My practice expanded from one of routine, to one of relaxation, exploration and joy.  Being a member of Be Yoga makes practicing yoga more than taking classes, it’s a gift you give yourself and an opportunity to truly deepen your practice.