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As the warm summer months unfold and we begin to move towards the darker part of the year I begin to notice some sneak peaks of what’s coming. Every now and then one can catch a whiff of the crisp cool air that “smells” like fall. Something about the cool air and the beautiful colors make Autumn the season that resonates deepest within me.

Some years I’m surprised and disappointed to find that I noticed the hints and felt the anticipation but somehow missed the season entirely. I was so caught up in work or school to be able to stop and notice these subtle changes that add up to the season that I find so beautiful and vibrant.

Honoring my resonance with the energy of the Fall, this year I have dedicated an entire weekend to not only being surrounded by the raw beauty of the changing world but to explore slowing down and finding the peace that allows us to enjoy it!

I’m excited and honored to be part of this year’s Be Yoga Retreat. We are in the midst of planning and already this retreat is shaping up to be a beautiful, transformative experience for everyone.

Please join me in the beautiful Appalachian mountains at the height of Fall; October 16th-19th. I invite you to dedicate a weekend to (re)connecting with the changing seasons and maybe (re)connecting with yourself.

I look forward to seeing you there. 🙂