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Kara HanumanThe perks of being an Ambassador for Be Yoga go beyond the free classes in many ways… By working at the studio I completely immerse myself in my practice and build a stronger and closer bond with a wonderful group of people. I love the energy and positivity with which I am surrounded. The fact that I am now in a position to transmit and continue the growth is the best payment ever. My favorite things involve welcoming the new students and educating them on what all we have to offer. You get to treat the studio like your home and welcome guests. I have developed close relationships with the instructors and students that come to practice during my shift. It is a personal goal of mine to learn all the names so I can greet them as soon as they walk in the door. My absolute favorite part is watching them evolve physically and emotionally with their practice. The summer challenges are the best since it encourages people to come as much as possible.