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I have attended Yoga classes at Be Yoga consistently for the past 3 years – initially at the Dilworth location, and, for the past 2 years at the Carmel location. I have had wonderful yoga experiences at Be Yoga with their excellent, skilled, and warm yoga teachers. There are many styles of yoga to choose from as well as varied room temperatures for different practices. Additionally, there are many practices throughout the day to choose from. I especially like the Slow Flow and Vinyasa practices.

PattyButlerW1I always get an excellent workout from the classes I participate in and always sleep a deep sleep after I attend a class. I have noticed after several years of consistent practice that my body has settled significantly and I enjoy many more moments of ease which makes the committed effort totally worthwhile. From the front desk staff, to the inspiring teachers, yoga at Be Yoga has been both an energizing and relaxing experience – I plan to be there at least another 10 years!!