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In November 2013, my husband and I started our journey with Be Yoga. We started as most do with the new member 5 class pass and we were immediately hooked.  We tried out other studios and Be Yoga was the first place that felt like home.  We started out slowly, taking mostly deep stretch classes or slow flow, but we have quickly built up our practice and we now take classes together 3-5 times a week, I’ve even coaxed my husband into trying Aerial Yoga with me (a class I truly cannot live without now that I have found it).  KatieJoshNewsletterBeyond the physical and emotional benefits that we have experienced, the Yogic Journey we have started has snowballed into other changes in our lives.  We are exploring paths to move closer to our true purpose on this planet and away from those old negative attachments that have held us back personally and as a couple.  We feel lucky to have entered this journey of growth together.  We see so many couples who grow apart as the years go by, their lives moving in opposing directions as each individual struggles to find themselves and they become two ships passing in the night.  The practice of yoga has created small, positive shifts within ourselves and our relationship and we are a stronger, happier couple because of it.

Thank you Be Yoga for giving us the gift of yoga, but more importantly for giving my husband and I the gift of growth as individuals and as a couple.