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As an athlete growing up, I never saw yoga as a real workout. It was something to do with friends every once in awhile and was supposed to help keep “centered” or “balanced,” and all of that other “yoga speak.” I never understood my friends who would pay to go several times a week just to relax.

But I kept going, committing to once a week community class with a good friend, more as a social event than anything else. Week after week I would go to class, and I would continue to get frustrated with how routine it felt. I would do the same poses each class, and never really saw any change in my body, flexibility, or focus. I started to wonder what really the point was.

That all changed when I moved to another city for a work assignment, and in an effort to meet people, found a studio not far from my new digs. I found such a unique, close community and a place that I wanted to spend much more than once a week at. I decided to try an unlimited month during my last month there, figuring I didn’t have much to lose as it was only 1 month. However, being the frugal person I am, I committed myself to make the most out of my expense and go every day that I could.

After a full month, I could notice a complete change in myself. For the first time in my adult life, I felt that I had developed muscle definition, I could see obvious improvements in my flexibility, and noticed each day I could get deeper into the poses that had seemed impossible in my prior yoga life. On top of that, I could see my mind change as well. All of the sudden, “centered,” and “balanced” were not just yoga words. They rang true in my life and I carried that sense of peace with me through the rest of the day following an early morning class.

Like anything in life, true change requires commitment and buy-in. I realized that for me to experience all the joys and benefits of yoga and truly change myself for the better, inside and out, I needed to look at yoga as a lifestyle rather than a work-out or a social event. On my move back to Charlotte, I found Be Yoga, and their Flex Membership, to be the perfect solution to my newfound desire to integrate my practice into a consistent part of my life. The variety of class types and times has allowed me to find exactly what I need, when it works for me, and continue developing towards the best version of myself on a consistent basis.