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1) I like a challenge. Once I commit to something, the pitta in me enjoys pushing myself to complete it. (Pitta is an ayurvedic term for having a fiery nature.)

2) I can get into a pattern of my own home practice. This challenge pushes me to bring myself to my mat in other’s classes which helps with inspiration and growth. We can learn something new in every experience (every class). Even us yoga teachers are always students first, so I am excited to learn more from my peers!

3) To stay centered through the holidays. They are traditionally a joyous time, but for myself, like many others who have experienced loss, they can bring up feelings of sorrow, loneliness, and isolation. Staying solid and consistent in my practice with my yoga community helps remind me to breathe, come back to center and to fully experience every emotion that these times bring up. To sit with all of it, be in it; experience what I’m feeling, and allow it to pass. Then welcome what the next moment has to offer with (hopefully) less attachment.