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As we come to a close on this year we reflect on all that we have accomplished. Through the practice of Nia®, we have been working towards moving our bodies with ease and listening to how our bodies want to move. Taking the “mind” out and being present in “our bodies mind”. We have learned to take our practice in “natural time” and allowing ourselves to embody the routines with courage, excitement and the willingness to try something new. Through our Nia® classes Terese and I have guided you on your own personal Body Journey and we have watched you slowly become reacquainted with You.

When you are out and about, getting ready for this holiday season, filling your carts with gifts for all, remember first and foremost the gift you give yourself, the Joy of Movement, the Joy of expression in body, mind and of spirit.

Here’s to you, and your Season of Joy for the body. Celebrate those feet so you can dance longer; celebrate the arms as you hug the ones you love longer; celebrate the spine for keeping you sturdy and strong, and celebrate the heart for giving out what you want to get back…support, gratitude and love.

Terese and I would like to thank you all for joining us for Nia®, for allowing us to journey with you and be apart of such an amazing community. Together we have embarked on an adventure to discover or rediscover the body. We are filled with so much Joy to hold space in the fantastic Be Yoga studios.

IMG_1403_WEB-3310678814-OPoint to Ponder: A very Happy Holiday’s to you and yours. Let it be filled with much laugher and lots of dancing feet!

Join us for Nia: 5 Days a Week! Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00- 10:00am; Tuesday at 9:30am and Thursday at 11:00am

Finding Joy in Movement – Your Nia Instructors Amy and Terese

Coming in January: “Bold Beginnings….Huzzah!