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The British use the phrase…“Huzzah, Huzzah!” when cheering on one another for a job well done.  It is used when they are rallying up the troops or getting ready to set forth on an adventure.  The energy is infectious and pumps you up.  Let’s borrow this great chant and use it for our “Bold Beginnings”.

If you are new to Nia® or a seasoned student there is always room in our bodies to go the extra mile.  Learning to listen to the bodies cue’s will allow for more ease in your steps more flexibility in your movements.

We have created 2 new class styles to fit all those new journeys.

“Slo Mo”: our class to bring our bodies to a Level 1; routines and music that allows us to begin the process of getting the steps organically.  This class is also a great way for students who have been joining us for a while to refresh and slow down.

“Move & Rejuv”: our class to bring our bodies to all Levels 1-3.  Exploring how far our bodies are willing to work.  Truly honing in on moving in “your bodies way”.

Join us as we create new beginnings with our bodies, that we take risks with our movements, and make 2015 Bold!