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My yoga journey began nine years ago, when I was just a few months shy of age sixty. A dear friend kept inviting me to go to a yoga class with him. I finally accepted. My wife loaned me her yoga mat, thinking I would use it once or twice. After a few classes I was hooked. My previous exercise consisted of occasional walking, and in earlier years swimming and bicycling. I stayed at the same Kripalu studio for about seven years, gradually increasing from one to four classes a week. I also studied with meditation teachers for several years. My wife and I went on two week long yoga retreats to Costa Rica and weekend retreats in the US. Recently we spent ten days in Peru at a yoga retreat center. I have briefly studied Iyengar yoga and also power yoga. Since arriving at Be I have taken classes to learn the basics, yoga lab, and now take vinyasa, universal and heated yoga classes. I am retired and my wife is still working, so I schedule my classes at both studios during the daytime, so that I can be with her in the evenings and on weekends. I have had many excellent teachers over the past nine years, and have learned from all of them.

Initially yoga to me was about getting into the different asanas. As I studied meditation and learned to breathe I began to realize that the asanas are just a way to get to a deeper level. Before I begin my daily practice I breathe in peace, tranquility and well-being. I clear my mind of all outside thoughts and focus on the present moment. Whatever happens today in my yoga practice is OK. Obviously, some days are better than others, but I will not berate myself over whatever happens. By having a regular practice I have noticed fewer colds and emotionally down days. My intention as I age is to continue a regular practice. One of the early things that I noticed when I started yoga was that when backing up the car I could more easily twist to look out the back window. Twisting has remained my favorite position.

Be has been a wonderful yoga home for me. The community is loving and accepting. I look forward to seeing my friends every week. There is enough variety of classes at Be that stagnation and boredom need not be an issue. I periodically try new classes to challenge myself and keep it fresh. I was not naturally flexible when I started yoga, but through regular practice have become quite limber for an older gentleman. Yoga and meditation have also allowed me to be more tolerant and accepting in all aspects of my life. It has been a fun journey.

Bob Fagan