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As we stepped into our bodies last month for New Beginnings we gave ourselves permission to be bold and brave to try something new or go a Level higher in our movements. It is with this awareness that we have the courage to have Acceptance for our bodies, mind and spirit.

In this month of February we think of love and heart space. Here at Nia we are taking that one step further and giving ourselves the “love” of self first. We are being present and accepting where we are in the today. We are standing taller; shoulders back and arms stretched wide allowing more room for our heart space and center; more room to receive. It is after this acceptance of self can we truly give out to others.

When you are in class go RAW (Relaxed, Alert, Waiting) of the intention that’s given; allow it to sink in and have your mind focused on that intention. Your body will feel the steps organically. We miss so much when we look down, we close ourselves off to all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Keep those feet dancing and heart wide open!

Point to Ponder:

“There came a time when enough was enough. All of the excuses finally lost their power. It was time to take a leap. The Leap. The leap that would change everything.”

– Anonymous

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Finding Joy in Movement – Your Nia Instructors Amy and Terese

Coming in March: “Mind Matters!”