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Several Nia students have embraced this concept and have found that not only did they feel better in class but outside the studio as well. By noticing their thoughts and being more accepting of them, students have realized that this is my reality right now and let go of resistance. Oh the madness, right???? We are always 2 steps ahead, or some people 10, and then become so overwhlemed that their body is tense, their conversations are tense, and they find themselves in tense situations. Coincidence? No WAY!!!

One student reported: “ I was on my way to class and was running late, recognizing that they use to become mad at themselves for running in late (child drop off times) and decided to say to themselves, “This is where I’m at today,” they did a body check and was so tense and then relaxed the muscles, exhaled, and said this won’t be forever, this is my reality now. They walked into class, not ran, and stepped right in and was happier, calmer, and felt a peace they never had experienced before.
Michele E.

Once I let go of the thought, “I’ve tried every modality out there and nothing has worked on the chronic pain in my hips for 15 years.” I decided to say, “Whatever, and I’ll try this new Nia class.” ALL the pain is gone and move better than I did 15 years ago.

Changing the mind that’s full of negative clutter and excepting this is me. Right now. Is one of the greatest gifts that transfers to all areas of your life. Not being told who you are or how you should be rather…be now. Be present. Embrace the madness!!!

Have a joy FULL month! We love you,

Terese & Amy