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I started a consistently infrequent yoga practice in San Francisco around 1999 at a Bikhram Studio on Haight Street. I didn’t take to the heat as quickly as my wife, however I enjoyed the calm experience and fluidity it provided my body and mind. I was doing a lot of mountain biking at the time and didn’t get a full body stretch as I should on and off the bike.

It really wasn’t a regular practice for me until my wife and I moved to Charlotte in 2004. I started going to Charlotte Yoga 2-3 days week. Later we moved to Dilworth and I moved my practice to Be Yoga which I have really enjoyed in light of the no-heat classes, slower sequencing, and greater focus on better form and breath. This has allowed me to really develop my breath and maintain a more well rounded practice. The benefits have evolved over time for me, mainly better focus (ADHD), stress management, and improved meditation and sleep.

I now keep a casual 2-3 day a week practice and find this to be best balance of time, holding my interest, and avoiding burn out. Over the years I’ve moved my attention from the postures to breath and mind to provide a much richer fuller experience. Now in times of of heightened stress and adversity I find my breath to be much calmer and even without a conscious effort required.

Now that I’m fully enlightened from my meditation practice and all this yoga, I just show up for the conversation our diverse yoga community has to offer.