Far Infrared Heat Panels

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Far Infrared heat, we’ve got it, we’ve always had it since Be Yoga Carmel opened. What is it you ask and why is it so great? First, the “far” describes where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. Infrared is a band of light that we perceive as heat and represents over half of the energy emitted by the Sun. Notice what happens when the sun is momentarily hidden by clouds. The air temperature has not had time to be affected...

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My Yoga Journey, by Bob Fagan

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My yoga journey began nine years ago, when I was just a few months shy of age sixty. A dear friend kept inviting me to go to a yoga class with him. I finally accepted. My wife loaned me her yoga mat, thinking I would use it once or twice. After a few classes I was hooked. My previous exercise consisted of occasional walking, and in earlier years swimming and bicycling. I stayed at the same Kripalu studio for about seven years, gradually...

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3 Reasons I am doing Be Yoga’s Holiday Challenge, by Ashley Voyer

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1) I like a challenge. Once I commit to something, the pitta in me enjoys pushing myself to complete it. (Pitta is an ayurvedic term for having a fiery nature.) 2) I can get into a pattern of my own home practice. This challenge pushes me to bring myself to my mat in other’s classes which helps with inspiration and growth. We can learn something new in every experience (every class). Even us yoga teachers are always students first, so I...

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Humanity, Flaws, and Love, by Emily Elder

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It can be really exciting to think that yogis are exempt from the negative traits that haunt the real world, because then there’s hope that we can leave those traits behind. Having spent a lot of time in yoga studios, I know that they are not exempt. In them, you find the same negative qualities as in the rest of the world – egoism, competition, judgement, ill-will, and unhealthy habits. Perhaps to a lesser degree, but present...

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Rollasana Yoga: Integrate Foam Rolling and Yoga Asana : Feel Amazing!, by Chrys Kub, PT, ERYT500

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As a physical therapist integrating yoga into my work with clients to help them get out of pain and move more efficiently, I have frequently been asked my opinion on the use of foam rolling and the benefit of static stretching. We are now learning more about how to use these tools to improve our efficiency of movement. The thing is, there is a huge paradigm shift in why and how we stretch as well as how foam rolling may fit into your program....

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Yoga Words Ring True, by Danielle Baker

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As an athlete growing up, I never saw yoga as a real workout. It was something to do with friends every once in awhile and was supposed to help keep “centered” or “balanced,” and all of that other “yoga speak.” I never understood my friends who would pay to go several times a week just to relax. But I kept going, committing to once a week community class with a good friend, more as a social event than...

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