I Never Imagined…, by Mike “Pea Dad“ Caudill

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How did I get here? 55 years old, retired from job of 30 years, sold my side landscaping business last year, happily married to my wonderful wife for 17 years and father to three wonderful children, ages 20, 14 and 8. It sounds like a fairytale life, right? Well, it is. However, there have just been many bumps along the way. What we have come through, sounds like many of the stories I have read on this blog. Most of my challenges started back...

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From Struggle to Ease, by Robin Edwards

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My yoga journey began a little over a year ago. In December of 2012 our daughter told us for Christmas she wanted us to commit to doing yoga. She thought it would be good for us and she didnʼt want to have to take care of us when we get old (sheʼs such a sweet child). After the holidays I ordered a beginner Yoga DVD…itʼs kinda hard to watch the DVD while you are standing sideways grunting and squinting in a forward fold or hanging upside...

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Yoga as Teacher, by Kelly Williamson

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Yoga is my favorite teaching tool. I am a teacher, and there are a lot of good tools out there: Venn diagrams, differentiated instruction, mnemonic devices…but, back to yoga. Yoga is my favorite because it teaches me first and always. I’m always going to be its student, there is always going to be something for me to learn, and it is always there to teach me before I teach others. I started my study of yoga with a brand new VHS of MTV’s Power...

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Opening the heart <3, by Laura Winder “LuLu”

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I’m doing some home improvement on the temple that is my body. This temple is the pathway to my mind, my soul, my spirit. My current project is opening up my chest and shoulders, the realm of my heart chakra. I sit in class, easy pose legs crossed, eyes closed, shoulders back and down; a struggle for me between strength and relaxation, preparing myself for the lesson ahead. I feel the tightness in across my collar, the tension in my neck, my...

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Be Yoga-Where Everybody Knows Your Name, by David Stollmack

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in Align & Flow - Anusara Yoga, All, Personal Experience or Reflection, Yoga | 11 comments

I attended my first yoga class in the spring of 2000. I remember it was in a small room in a now defunct yoga studio in Plaza Midwood. I had no idea what I was doing and I wanted to run away and hide when the teacher started with Om and finished with Nameste. It took me a while to summon up the courage to attend my next class. A few months later I ventured into a class at Charlotte Yoga and felt a little more comfortable. I started going about...

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How to Grow Your Yoga Practice at Any Age, by Bob Fagan

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013 in Align & Flow - Anusara Yoga, All, Personal Experience or Reflection | 3 comments

My name is Bob Fagan. I did not exercise regularly, except for walking until age 60. I had an older friend who kept urging me to attend yoga classes with him. I finally agreed to go, and borrowed my wife’s yoga mat. She thought that I would go once or twice and abandon the practice of yoga. I started with Mary Lou Buck. I went to class mainly to be with my friend at first, but quickly discovered that I really liked it. Once a week class...

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