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Refer your friends to Be Yoga

You love Be Yoga, so bring your mom, your co-workers, and your BFFs. All you have to do is sign up, and make sure they write your name down on their new student form.

Get Rewarded!

Earn $5 for each new student you refer when you sign up to participate (directions below).

*Out of town guests not included. Points expire after 1 year.


Use Rewards Points to buy anything at Be Yoga

Treat yourself to a new yoga outfit or buy a new class pass! There are no restrictions on how many points you need or what you can spend them on.

Step 1

If you already have an account, skip to Step 3

Click here, click “Sign Up!” at the top of the page,  and enter your name


Step 2

Since you’ve been to Be Yoga before, you’ll see a message like this. Choose your name, and you’ll be asked some info that we have on file to verify that it’s really you


Step 3

Go to the Rewards tab and press “Sign Up Now!”


You’re Signed Up!