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Going to yoga is better than getting a facial!

I started Christine's vinyasa class feeling tired and uncomfortable in my own skin, but I walked out completely refreshed -- my digestive tract was calm, and the skin on my face felt newly warm and moist. I was practically giddy with relief and joy that I had made it...

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First Impressions Melt Away

I moved to Charlotte in 2005 and have driven through the intersection of Carmel Road and Pineville-Matthews Road on a daily basis – sometimes multiple times in a day. When the imposing two-story edifice was erected on the northwest corner of the strip-mall pocked...

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New York Times – really?!?

There is a concept in Buddhist philosophy called Right Speech, which means to refrain from frivolous gossip, embellishments, or obfuscations. It invites us, to instead use the precious gift of speech as something to uplift, share, educate, and inspire with. In Yogic...

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