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What Yoga Class is Right for Me?, by Cindy Bickman

What Yoga Class is Right for Me?   Well, that depends….   I have been working at the front desk at Be Yoga for just over a year.  Many times someone walks into the studio and starts with “My doctor said I should do yoga…..” or “I really need to do yoga”...

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The 2×4 Driving Incident

This month we have been talking about sutra 11.46: Sthira sukham asanam at Be Yoga.  Personally I love the commentary on the yoga sutras by Nischala Joy Devi in her book The Secret Power of Yoga.  She translates this sutra as, “The natural comfort and joy of our being...

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How It All Came To Be

Originally posted by Charlotte Magazine http://www.charlottemagazine.com/How-It-All-Came-To-Be/ IT'S FAIR to say this story begins 400 feet in the air. On the day after Christmas in 2007, Wendy Swanson and her husband, Andrew, were flying from Sarasota, Florida, to...

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Dilworth Renovation Blog Part 1, by Wendy

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” - Rumi The temptation to not renew the lease was there. The temptation to shrink, to contract, to pull away. To go back to being small: one location, less staff, less effort. Sometimes this is the...

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How Be Yoga Came to Be, by Wendy Swanson

How Be Yoga Came to Be And my story, or at least some of it Around 1999 or so I knew in the deepest parts of my soul that I was a healer and that someday I wanted to have a wellness center and yoga studio. I was 29 years old, single, living in Northampton, MA and...

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