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Body Talk: by Nia® – March is……Mind FULL Madness

Several Nia students have embraced this concept and have found that not only did they feel better in class but outside the studio as well. By noticing their thoughts and being more accepting of them, students have realized that this is my reality right now and let go...

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Bali Week 1: Embracing, by Ashley Voyer

I arrived safely in Bali! The flights were really not that bad, considering the length. In all, it took us about 26 hours to get from Charlotte to Bali. We've been here almost a week now and I feel like I'm just now adjusted to their time. 13 hours (12 after spring...

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“Body Talk: by Nia®” Spotlight – “Acceptance”

As we stepped into our bodies last month for New Beginnings we gave ourselves permission to be bold and brave to try something new or go a Level higher in our movements. It is with this awareness that we have the courage to have Acceptance for our bodies, mind and...

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Far Infrared Heat Panels

Far Infrared heat, we’ve got it, we’ve always had it since Be Yoga Carmel opened. What is it you ask and why is it so great? First, the "far" describes where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. Infrared is a band of light that we perceive as heat and...

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My Yoga Journey, by Bob Fagan

My yoga journey began nine years ago, when I was just a few months shy of age sixty. A dear friend kept inviting me to go to a yoga class with him. I finally accepted. My wife loaned me her yoga mat, thinking I would use it once or twice. After a few classes I was...

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Sankalpa, by Wendy Swanson

Throw out your new year's resolutions and adopt Sankalpa, a powerful practice of resolve! I recently had a conversation with someone about how her resolution list was causing her a great deal of stress. She felt overwhelmed by all the things that she felt she had to...

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