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Classes – Align & Flow

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Each Align & Flow class begins with centering and tuning into the breath. Your teacher will introduce a theme to inspire the practice, which she may weave into the physical instructions throughout class. Sometimes the teacher will also lead the class in chanting Aum (Om), an invocation, or a mantra. All classes include a focus on alignment to maximize the flow of energy in your body, and empower you to learn and experience greater stability, freedom, and ease in each pose. Often, there is also a partner pose or two, to support you in safely exploring poses you might not be able to do (or do as fully) on your own. Align & Flow classes offer the opportunity to better know our true nature, on the mat, so we may be more skillful in our expression, off the mat! Align & Flow classes also celebrate joy, community, and our interconnected existence.
Our Align & Flow classes developed from the merging of two great studios in Dilworth: Be Yoga and Sangati Yoga. Sangati had long been the home for Anusara Yoga in Charlotte, and in 2011, Be Yoga welcomed the Anusara family into their community. Less than a year later, Anusara Inc. went through a major upheaval and change of leadership. The beauty of the practice, the dedication of the students and teachers, and the effectiveness of the style remained steady though, and Be Yoga supported the evolution of these classes at our studio, calling them “Be Immersed”. In an effort to better describe what these classes entail, we then chose our current name, “Align & Flow”.
Immerse yourself in this elegant style of yoga, steeped in the long tradition of practice, in life-affirming Tantric philosophy, and in therapeutic principles of alignment. Whether you prefer practicing in the Align & Flow style exclusively, or you like to mix it up, enjoy the benefits of slowing down and learning how to do the poses from the inside out.

INTRO TO YOGA Our Intro classes are designed for students who are brand new to yoga and/or the Anusara Principles of Alignment. Learn yoga basics and the foundations for a strong and healthy practice, in a safe, supportive, and fun environment, with time for questions. This is usually a 4-6 class series, offered periodically under the Events tab.
ALIGN & FLOW BASICS Our Basics classes are best for students who are new to yoga (or to this style of yoga) and all students who want to refresh and refine the basics! Practice foundational poses, linking movement with breath, and incorporating proper alignment to receive the full benefits of a thorough practice.
ALIGN & FLOW This is a true all levels class – a step up from the Basics, serving everyone from beginning students to seasoned practitioners! Classes include a mix of foundational poses, movement with breath, and sequences that build the strength, flexibility and knowledge to work towards more advanced poses. Teachers offer modifications to support or challenge students, as needed.
ALIGN & FLOW INTERMEDIATE Our Intermediate classes are suitable for students who have a regular practice in the Align & Flow style. Students must be familiar with the Anusara Principles of Alignment, as the pace of the class and the level of poses are more challenging. The instructor will offer modifications, so that each student may practice to her or his fullest potential.
ADVANCED By application only. Practice alongside the teacher for a fun-filled, invigorating two hours. Our Advanced level class is offered by Sarah Faircloth Yoga in cooperation with Be Yoga. To learn more, visit sarahfairclothyoga.com.

Some of our Align & Flow classes begin with a chant, known as the Anusara Invocation. The Sanskrit verse comes from an ancient Tantric text called the Niralamba Upanishad, and the melody was written by a modern day kirtan artist named Krishna Das. Here, the English translation follows the Sanskrit transliteration:

Om Namah Shivaya Gurave
Saccidananda Murtaye
Nisprapancaya Shantaya
Niralambaya Tejase
I bow to the presence of the Divine within
Our true and highest teacher
That lives in and around us as
Being, consciousness and bliss.
It is ever-present and radiates peace
It is the light that needs no support.