Get In-Depth Knowledge on How to Teach Deep Stretch with Ashley Masters IMG_0930

Friday 7/25 4-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 7/26-7/27 11-8:30pm Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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24 hours of CEU’S Friday 4-9 Saturday 9-6:30 Sunday 9-6:30 Join Ashley Masters, E-RYT 200, Reiki Master, and LMBT #9459, for a full weekend of Deep stretch Love. Dive deep into this amazing style of yoga, topics covered include anatomy, teaching methodology, sequencing, pranayama, marmas and nadis as well as assisting! Leave this workshop with the tools you need to effectively teach a well balanced deep stretch class or with a deeper knowledge of the practice.

This workshop is for teachers who want a more in-depth knowledge base than what is typically covered in a 200 hour training, or for curious students looking to deepen their practice!

Cost: $350 or take advantage of the Early Bird price of $295 if you sign up by July 11th!

Be Bootyful Donation Class with Allison Modafferi Brewster

Saturday 7/26 9:30-10:45am
Be Yoga Dilworth

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Be Bootyful Donation Class, to celebrate 24 Hours of Booty, in support of LIVESTRONG™ and the Levine Cancer Institute.Come support the fight against cancer, and Be Yoga will match your cash donations! This Align & Flow style class will be a playful, inspired exploration of how and why we internally rotate our thighs to broaden our sitting bones… the yoga version of “the booty loop”! Learn how to engage your leg muscles to create this therapeutic action, then how to support your low back with the strength of your core. Power up our standing poses, deepen your hip openers, and transform your backbends with “the booty loop”!

Learn about 24 hours of booty

sarah olinKundalini Yoga for Prosperity & Freedom with Sarah Olin

Saturday 8/2 2-4:30pm Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Prosperity means different things to different folks. Through the lens of yoga, wealth is an internal conversation with external manifestations. It’s a Spiritual conversation applied in a practical way. Yogi Bhajan, the man who brought Kundalini Yoga to the US in 1969 taught that if we apply the tools and principals of yoga & a spiritual practice—there is no lack of supply, only a lack of demand.

To have access to that state of being, our basic needs must be met. If our financial resources are scarce, it is harder to be in the flow of our own lives. In this workshop, we will practice a powerful yoga set to release tension and improve intuition. Participants will learn a potent meditation to create prosperity in their lives (and get a copy of the meditation to take home).

Sarah Olin has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2006 in NYC and relocated to Charlotte in 2013. While in NYC, Sarah founded Relax Already, a company that brings yoga and meditation to the workplace. Sarah has an extremely down-to-earth approach to teaching yoga and meditation and is thrilled to be sharing Kundalini Yoga with Charlotte. Sarah is a life coach, teacher and mama. Learn more about Sarah here:

Please bring a pen, journal, yoga mat, water bottle, and dress to practice.

Investment: $30

Didgeridoo MeditationDidgeridoo Deep Stretch with Andrew Van Blarcom and Wendy Swanson

Sunday 8/3 6:15-7:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Enjoy our most popular class with didgeridoo and singing bowl vibrations provided by Andrew Van Blarcom. The didgeridoo is an indigenous Australian instrument that is best known for its healing tones and deep vibrations. It’s a perfect addition to Deep Stretch, which is a relaxing class made up entirely of floor postures, suitable for all body types and experience levels.

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass

Amy-Penwell-e1397522399832Love Stretch Grow: Bringing Peace to Parenting with Amy Penwell

Saturday 8/16 2-3:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Love Stretch Grow is for those who wish to bring more peace and mindfulness to parenting. Discover the similarities between your yoga practice, poses and parenting, how yoga can support positive interactions with your children and walk away with simple, practical parenting tips. The workshop will combine a yoga practice with parenting discussion. For parents and care givers with children of all ages.

Instructor: Amy Penwell, 200-RYT and trained in Mommy & Baby yoga, has been practicing yoga for more than ten years, teaching Bonding with Baby Yoga for 2 years, and has been a parent for 4. She has studied Love & Logic parenting strategies and continues to grow in both her yoga practice and as a mom.

Investment: $35, Save $5 if you sign up by 8/8!

Brendan DancingSummer of Yoga Celebration!

Saturday 8/23 7-9:30pm
Location: Be Yoga Carmel


Take off your dance shoes and join your yoga community on August 23rd for light appetizers, music and barefoot dancing. We will also be randomly choosing our three summer challenge winners. Remember 30 practices from June 1st until August 15th gets you one entry to win, 40 practices equals 2 chances and so forth. You are also entered to win each and every time you post a picture of yourself doing one of poses of the month; don’t forget to tag #iSpyBeYoga. If you have thought about trying out one of our aerial classes now is the time because AerialCLT is giving away 4 free aerial classes if you practice 30 times during our challenge.

You are welcome to bring a friend and celebrate yourself, summer, community and yoga.

KL Yellow Dress HeadshotReiki Level I & II Series with Kaitlin Lacey

Thursdays 9/4-9/25 9-11:30am This workshop will be held off site in Plaza-Midwood

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In this 4 week series you’ll learn what reiki is, how it works, and what you can do with it. After that students receive a Reiki I Attunement, discuss the Reiki Principles, learn the self healing hand positions, and talk about how to create a strong personal practice. We’ll cover hand positions for a reiki treatment, get some hands on practice, and grow confidence in giving reiki treatments to others. In later classes you’ll experience a Reiki II Attunement, learn about the reiki symbols, practice distance healing, and practice hands on healing with the symbols. Near the end of the series we’ll learn about manifesting with reiki, using chakra work with reiki, and energy exercises.

Kailtin Lacey has beenis a professional Intuitive Healer, and has been a Reiki Master since 2005. Classes will be held offsite at a private location. Please email with questions. Space is limited.

Investment: $249 for the series including book and materials.

photoDidgeridoo Deep Stretch with Zach McNabb and Wendy Swanson

Sunday 9/7 6:15-7:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Enjoy our most popular class with didgeridoo vibrations provided by Zach McNabb. The didgeridoo is an indigenous Australian instrument that is best known for its healing tones and deep vibrations. It’s a perfect addition to Deep Stretch, which is a relaxing class made up entirely of floor postures, suitable for all body types and experience levels.

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass

winston writingBe Inspired Teacher Training Info Session – Free Event with Greg LaBarbera and Marcia Brown

Wednesday 8/20 7-8pm Location: Panear Bread in Carmel Village, right below Be Yoga. 7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd.


If you’ve ever wondered if Be Yoga’s “BeInspired” Teacher Training is for you but didn’t know where to begin, this is your chance to safely embark on your journey. When you think about teacher training does your mind swirl with questions and, perhaps, a little apprehension? We’re here to mindfully answer those questions and dispel any fears. Join Marcia Brown and Greg LaBarbera for a comprehensive overview of Be Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training program. We’ll review our curriculum, scheduling and what you can expect during training. We’ll also answer any and all questions you might have so you feel comfortable taking this very important next step in your yoga journey.

EGY_9310aThe ABC’s of Universal Yoga: Authentic, Balanced,Creative Practice Series for ALL LEVELS with Mara Healy

Tuesdays 9/2-9/23 7:15-8:30pm
Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Join Mara to dive inward through a 4-class asana series in the Universal Yoga method! Open to any level of yoga student. Mara leads students through a totally balanced practice, creatively weaving asanas, vinyasas, turns on the mat, breathing methods, and guided techniques for turning attention inward to create a serene atmosphere for personal development. The Universal Yoga method provides each student with a personalized practice that is enhanced through the group dynamic. Beginners are completely supported. Experienced practitioners are provided challenging options to test the equanimity of breath and mind.

Investment: $60 for all 4 weeks

What to bring: water bottle, yoga mat, and a towel

IMG_1897 croppedIntro to Yoga: Align & Flow with Kellie Jackson Daniel

Thursdays 9/4-9/25 7:30-8:45pm Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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This 4 week introduction series will provide a better understanding of what yoga is, how this practice can help reduce stress, and to experience basic yoga postures pain free! You will learn alignment principles that will become the foundation for a strong and healthy practice in a safe, supportive and fun environment with time for questions. This series prepares you to enter the Align & Flow classes. This series is perfect for you, if you: - Are brand new to yoga in general or new to the Align & Flow style - Your friends and family keep dropping hints you need a yoga class - You tell people you can’t do yoga because you are not flexible - Want to learn how to reduce stress and calm your nervous system (hence your family and friends suggestion to try yoga) - Want to have fun and meet some warm, caring people in our community - If you are 15 years or older

Cost: $60 for all 4 weeks, Registration Required, Space is Limited

IMG_1277Yoga for Runners with Sonya Pfeiffer

Sundays 9/7-9/28 2-3pm
Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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A four part series taught by Be Yoga’s Sonya Pfeiffer, RYT-500, Yoga for Runners will focus specifically on the needs of runners of all levels. Whether you are training for a race or are simply a regular runner, this workshop offers specifically designed practices that will assist in performance and help ward off injury. Sonya has completed five marathons, including Boston; she has also completed numerous triathlons of varying lengths. Her athlete-based workshops are tailored to all levels and include take-home practices that can be used in conjunction with a variety of training plans.

Session 1 – What’s on your mind?
Nothing can help you or hurt you as much as the thoughts that you carry in your head – and you can include your performance level in that mantra. Our first session will focus on how and why your mind matters when it comes to training and racing, and what tools a regular yoga practice can provide athletes to help improve performance. We will link breath with movement while exploring a variety of poses, and we will focus on what our bodies are telling us by paying attention to how our minds react to different poses. You will leave this session with a sequence of poses that is the perfect start or end to your run or your day.

Session 2 – Hello, Hamstrings!
You need your hammies to propel you up hills and you love the power they provide your stride. But oh how those hamstrings tighten up after a run, and oh how many runners say “I can’t even get near my toes with my fingertips!” We will focus on the role our hamstrings play in performance, warm up our bodies with a slow flow and slowly, gently begin to open up all the muscles that run along the back of our legs. You will leave this session with a sequence of poses that is beneficial to wind down any run, from sprints and splits to endurance.

Session 3 – Hips, Hips Hooray!
Tight hips are the province of every athlete, and while flexibility in the hip girdle is an endless work in progress, it is an effort worth making. We will talk about exactly what makes up your hip flexors and how and why showing some love to that seat of power will improve your recovery time. You will leave this session with a sequence that will release the low back and loosen up the hips.

Session 4 – Ankles and Knees, Please
Love to the joints! When you pound pavement (or even trails), your knees and your ankles are the real workhorses. We will explore options for a variety of yoga poses that are safe for runners’ knees, as well as several poses that assist in keeping the ligaments around the knee healthy. We will also pay attention to our ankle area and incorporate poses to stretch the Achilles tendon and surrounding muscles and ligaments. You will leave this session with a sequence of poses that will keep your ankles and knees healthy and happy for many runs to come.

Investment: $60

sarah olinKundalini Yoga for the Immune System & Healing with Sarah Olin

Saturday 9/27 2-4:30 Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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We live in a pretty fast paced world. To keep up, we need a strong & healthy immune system. There’s an old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In this workshop, we will learn a breath for health and radiance. We will practice a dynamic yoga set to build the immune system and to keep your body running optimally. This set also supports digestion and the metabolism and helps you move through life with the heart of a warrior. We will also meditate deeply for healing and strength.

Sarah Olin has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2006 in NYC and relocated to Charlotte in 2013. While in NYC, Sarah founded Relax Already, a company that brings yoga and meditation to the workplace. Sarah has an extremely down-to-earth approach to teaching yoga and meditation and is thrilled to be sharing Kundalini Yoga with Charlotte. Sarah is a life coach, teacher and mama. Learn more about Sarah here:

Please bring a pen, journal, yoga mat, water bottle, and dress to practice.

Investment: $30

969052_207571892734812_113296688_nBreaking Down the Basics–Keys to a Confident Yoga Practice 4 Weeks with Lee Anne Smith and Celeste Rackley

Tuesdays 9/30-10/21 7:15-8:30pm
Location: Be Yoga Carmel

Reserve Your Spot!

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Start your yoga journey with the knowledge and the tools to enjoy every class and to feel good in your body. Remember, it doesn’t matter how flexible you are or how strong you are–it’s all about practice!

Over this four week series, you’ll learn:

- Basic alignment principles to help you get the most out of your postures. We’ll also take a look at how foot and hand placement on your mat helps you to create new and lasting muscle memory.
- Hip and shoulder rotations–how to keep your joints healthy and strong.
- Breathing. What is yoga breathing and how it helps you build strength and stamina and also, how it helps you relax and restore.
- Modifications and variations of common poses. How to adjust your practice to fit your individual needs, accommodate your range of motion and work through injury
- How yoga works, simple short meditations to help you relax, work through stress and savor the moment!

Investment: $60

Email with questions.

WassistKLDeep Stretch Yoga & Acupuncture Savasana with Wendy Swanson

Saturday 10/4 6:30-8:30pm Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Ready for 2 hours of relaxation, unwinding and de-stressing? Come back to yourself and your body with 1 ½ hours of deep stretch yoga followed by 30 minutes of acupuncture aided savasana.

• Deep Stretch: After a brief warm up we will hold longer floor based yoga poses. Be Yoga has plenty of blankets, blocks and straps to help you find a place of ease and comfort. • Acupuncture & Savasana: Prepare to float away during this very unique 30 minute savasana. Acupuncture needles will be inserted in some of the most balancing, restoring and deeply healing points on the body (in the ear, between the eyebrows and on the top of the head).

Wendy Swanson is a board certified licensed acupuncturist with a successful practice here in Charlotte. She has been practicing acupuncture for over seven years. She is also a registered yoga instructor and owner of Be Yoga & Wellness.

Cost: $45, save $5 if you sign up by September 26th. Space is limited, don’t wait to register!

Head to the Mountaings with Be Yoga During Peak Leaf Season
2014 Blue Heaven Retreat - Revised (1)

Learn More and Reserve Your Spot!


marty close upBeyond Foam Rolling: Understanding muscle pain and dysfunction and therapeutic solutions for Yoga teachers and the serious Yogi with Marty Kestin

Saturday 10/18 2-6pm Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Table of Contents: · When movement hurts and the 4 arenas of pain

· The case for muscle – the orphan of medicine

· The nervous system, pain and movement: Why yoga rocks as chronic pain treatment

· Strategies for shoulders and neck: Undoing impingements and freeing up the scapula: key muscle and their complaints. Key muscles of the neck in returning the head over the shoulder girdle.

· Strategies for low back and hips: Overlooked causes of back pain. Low back kinesiology. Key muscles and their complaints.

· Strategies for knees: align the ankle and hip for a better knee, exploring the quadriceps and other thigh musculature.

· Wrist issues (Time permitting): Discussion of the over diagnosis of carpel tunnel syndrome and more likely culprits to wrist and hand pain.

Key advantages for teachers taking this workshop:

· Deepen your understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, muscle dysfunction and apply this knowledge to assisting students out of pain.

· Learn to identify major muscles in the shoulders, hips and low back that, when dysfunctional, cause pain in specific asanas, movement and rest.

· Learn to self-treat these dysfunctional muscles, and how to teach students to self-treat with therapy balls, fingers and rollers.

· You will learn how to distinguish between muscle and joint pain you can work with and when to refer to the doctor. Examples: A students says,’ouch this posture hurts,” or “it’s been hurting like this for a while,” or my doctor thinks its arthritis,” or “dropping into chatarranga the front of my shoulder hurts,” or “my knee hurts in pigeon or triangle pose.”

The past 5 years have brought three different medical doctors to my office; a neurologist, an orthopedic surgeon and an internist / nephrologist:

Not one of these medical doctors knew about muscle dysfunction. Each of their chief complaints (shoulder pain and impingement, a neck issue and plantar fasciitis) were alleviated by trigger point and muscle therapy followed by restorative postures and exercise. Not either but both together give you a very big bang for your buck. My three MD clients are no longer hurting and all amazed at the simplicity and power of properly applied manual and movement therapy. I have been compelled for years to share this info with professional therapists in continuing education classes and in layman workshops, but it’s time to add another layer to this work: The empowered Yogi via the more knowledgeable Yoga teacher. I hope you will join in learning together. Marty Kestin

Yoga Alliance approved CEU’s available. Contact with questions.

Investment: $79, $69 if you sign up by 10/8/14

EGY_8851bbKoshas, Kleshas & Karma: Skillfulness in Yoga with Mara Healy

Saturday 10/25 2-5pm
Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

Save Your Spot!

Yoga gives priority to the internal and the subtle over the external and obvious. Explore the subtle aspects and interwoven nature of body and mind (nervous system) to discover how those subtle aspects impact an on-the-mat practice! Using a fundamental understanding of the koshas (sheaths of the Self), along with qualities of chakras and the three main threads of practice in yoga (body, breath, mind), we will explore the afflictions, and obstacles that hinder progress in practice. This session lays the foundation for sequencing strategies that give us access to a balanced body, breath and mind. (Marayogini LLC)

Investment: $35. Yoga Alliance CEC’s available.

All levels welcome. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, notebook, and pen.

EGY_8232dMantra & Meditation for Fascial Release with Mara Healy with Mara Healy

Saturday 11/8 2-5pm Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

Reserve Your Spot!

Chanting and the vehicle of mantra (mantrayana) is much misunderstood as something religious. It has been called “the easy-difficult path”…..easy to perform, but difficult to understand. Re-learn what this invaluable yoga practice is really about as you come to understand the science of sound as it relates to the vase (container) of the physical body and the body’s living-web-of-tissue (fascia). You will come away with a working knowledge of why chants are in foreign languages, why they are important to the evolution of a yoga practice and how it benefits the physical body! (Marayogini LLC)

Investment: $35. Yoga Alliance CEC’s available.

Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, pen, and journal. All levels are welcome!

F60C8190Refuge for Tight Shoulders! Learn, Practice & Assist Poses for Arms Safely with Mara Healy

Saturday 12/6 1-4pm
Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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This session highlights how creating a balance between strength and flexibility in the shoulders supports nervous-system “unlearning” (freeing yogis of their bio-mechanical patterns and habits in traps, rhomboids and deltoids). Mara will lead a short practice through which students will get an easy introduction deeply focused on 8 basic arm asanas that provide the six fundamental ranges of mobility for shoulders. Mara will review how stability creates the perfect foundation for mobility, and teach simple hands-on methods guiding students into creating their own depth in each arm asana. Some simple anatomy included, all levels are welcome. (Marayogini LLC)

Investment: $35. Yoga Alliance CEC’s available.

What to bring: yoga mat, water bottle, and towel