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Yoga Workshops and Events at Be Yoga Charlotte

BeYoga_ShonaHeadshot-2Kids Yoga Class with Shona Baldoni

Thursdays 2/4-3/24 4:45-5:45pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Be Kids is a fun and playful way to introduce your child to yoga in a supportive environment. Our littlest yogis will explore breath, postures, movement, and mindfulness through interactive activities and games to help improve body awareness, concentration and sensory motor skills. Yoga for kids ages 6-10!

Cost: $16 to drop in, $100 for 8 weeks


Candlelight Yin Yoga with CJ Lawing

CJ HorseFriday 2/5/16 7-8:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Join C.J. Lawing in this 1.5 hour Restorative Yin practice to create more calm in the midst of increasing stress. Deep Nourishment is a key element to forming a more resilient Heart-Mind.
Beginners welcome.

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass

Next Dates: 3/11 and 4/1


Willow Haven Spa Karma YogaSlow Flow Karma Class for Willow Haven Spa with Ashley Walker

Saturday 2/6 2:30-3:45pm

Location: Be Dilworth

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Willow Haven Inspirational Spa has a powerful mission statement: “Our mission is to inspire cancer patients to fight and venture outside the box for support, inspiration, and to provide various activities geared to their needs.” Be Yoga is honored to partner with this organization to help support this mission.

Suggested Donation: $5-$20


Restorative - FL 3Self-Healing Yoga Practices for Shoulders & Neck with Kelly Haas

Sunday 2/7 1-3:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Our shoulders and neck alignment impact our uprightness, ability to think clearly, and our personal expression. In this workshop, learn essential alignment, actions, and tools for radiant upper body health. Through deconstructing specific yoga poses and the energy centers in this region of the body, we will reconstruct and reintegrate our energetic and physical selves.
Prepare to go slow and deep. Our process includes dynamic yoga asana, therapeutics, restorative, meditation, and pranayama.

All levels welcome, including injuries and physical limitations.

Kelly Haas, Integrative Yoga Therapist, Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, and avid Spanish-speaker, is sought after for her skilled eyes and hands in therapeutic and alignment-based yoga. She created a 32-hour Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training and authored Yoga Therapy Manual, as well as co-authored Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Manual, to serve teachers and therapists with continuing education. Her passion is to share the gift of yoga with all beings, ignited by decades of traveling the globe and recognizing the unity and interconnection of all of us sharing the planet.

Investment: $45 Save $5 if you sign up by 2/1!


Tracy Mott with kidsFamily Yoga Playshop with Tracy Mott

Sunday 2/7/16 3:30-4:30pm

Location: Be Dilworth

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In this monthly family yoga playshop kids and parents will explore themes such as change, mindfulness, love, focus, patience, and teamwork. These themes are woven into classes where students will learn tools to unite body, mind and heart. Moving our bodies through poses, playing games, practicing meditation (walking and seated), breath-work, and reflection are just a few of the ways kids and parents can learn to take care of themselves, de-stress, use their energy more effectively, quiet their minds, gain balance, and get along with themselves and others.
$8 Per Person, Child or Adult


IMG_1897 croppedIntro to Yoga with Kellie Jackson Daniel

2/11-3/3 7:30-8:45pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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This 4 week introduction series will provide a better understanding of what yoga is, how this practice can help reduce stress, and to experience basic yoga postures pain free! You will learn alignment principles that will become the foundation for a strong and healthy practice in a safe, supportive and fun environment with time for questions. This series prepares you to enter the Align & Flow classes.
This series is perfect for you, if you:
– Are brand new to yoga in general or new to the Align & Flow style
– Your friends and family keep dropping hints you need a yoga class
– You tell people you can’t do yoga because you are not flexible
– Want to learn how to reduce stress and calm your nervous system (hence your family and friends suggestion to try yoga)
– Want to have fun and meet some warm, caring people in our community
– If you are 15 years or older

Cost: $75 for all 4 weeks. Registration required. The content taught is cumulative, so please plan to attend all 4 weeks. Space is limited. No refunds or cancellations after the series has begun.


kirtan charlotte, nc elizabeth dickinsonSlow Flow with Extended Chanting Savasana with Elizabeth Dickinson

Saturday 2/13 2-4pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Join Elizabeth for a rich and wonderful yoga experience. In this 2 hour experience we will warm the body up with a meditative style of slow flow and breath work. After building heat we will slowly wind the body down through longer holds to prepare the body for deep relaxation. We will then transition into a 20 minute supported savasana, where the real journey begins.

While you are in your supported savasana, song and sound will transport you into a deeply connected and healing place within yourself. Come experience this very special afternoon of music and deep renewal with Elizabeth!

Cost: $25


Deep Stretch and Yoga Nidra Savasana with Laura Hannon and Special Guests Katie Sutton and Josh Vogt on the Singing Bowls and Didgeridoo

Friday 2/19 7-8:30pmLauraYogi

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Get a blissful start to your weekend with a special deep stretch class. We’ll start with seated and supine poses to relax your body then finish class with a 20 minute savasana and guided yoga nidra practice. Yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep”, invites to a place of deep calm, clarity and quiet. It restores our body, senses and mind to their natural function, a state of relaxation, and allows us to feel deeply connected and whole.

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass

Next Dates: 3/18 and 4/15


Brooks Haislip YogaEmbodying The Sacred with Brooks Haislip

Saturday 2/20 2-4:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Wake up to your full potential and embrace your whole self with love, slow down and tap into the infinite well of wisdom within you and connect with the sacred inner and outer world that surrounds you all the time. In this workshop you will be guided through a series of asana, meditation, breathwork, journaling and visualization to assist you on a deep journey into your Self. You will leave with several simple, empowering ‘to-go’ practices so that you may embody the sacred in the everyday in your own unique way. Brooks brings her 20 plus years of studying meditation, mindfulness, yoga, women’s spirituality, anatomy, radiant life consulting, and core vitality training to infuse this workshop with enthusiastic compassion and deep desire for all beings to live a fulfilling life. You can find more about her at brookshaislip.com.
Please bring: yoga mat & journal

Investment $45 day of; $40 in advance

Cropped Founder

Foundation Training, Balanced Body Series with Shane Cuppett

Tuesdays 3/1-3/22 7:15-8:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Foundation Training is a movement practice designed to restore the body’s natural order and put YOU at the center of your health. It’s not designed to replace your existing exercise or yoga practice, but rather enhance it and help you find more balance and stability within your body. Foundation Training uses a combination of powerful body-weight movements, intentional poses, and conscious breathing work to integrate the muscles in your Posterior Chain, the muscles weakened the most by our modern lifestyle habits. When practiced regularly…
* Pain diminishes, performance flourishes, and resistance to injury increases.

* Your spine naturally decompresses and space opens throughout your torso creating a more balanced frame.

* Your torso, pelvis, and Posterior Chain strengthen and your hips reclaim their intended role as the epicenter of movement.

Foundation Training is a journey of both physical discovery and deepened self-awareness that gives you autonomy, the power to reclaim control over your body and be the best version of you. This is our mission. Move well, live well!

~ with Shane Cuppett; Certified Foundation Training Instructor, FT Certification Assistant Instructor, FT Discovery Workshop Lead Instructor.


Dr. Matt Lyon DidgeridooAn Evening of Healing, Peace, and Bliss with Matt Lyon

Friday 3/4 7-9pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Join Dr. Matt Lyonfor a night of didgeridoo sound healing. The soothing vibrational sound waves of the didgeridoo and the space of unconditional love catalyze healing of your body, mind, and soul.Turn off the voice in your head, and hear the Song in your Heart!

The didgeridoo is an ancient instrument, used for over 40,000 years, to catalyze healing and anoint the mind and body.

Dr. Matt Lyon is a sought-after intuitive healer and Network chiropractor who practices in Charlotte and leads retreats in North Carolina and Jamaica. Over the last 20 years he has had the honor of assisting thousands to find deep healing of body, heart, mind, and soul.

This event is for you if:

– You would like a deep and effortless experience of meditation
– You feel stressed and overwhelmed and are seeking deep calm and rest
– You have a hard time “turning off the voice in your head”
– You are wanting to experience healing in any area of life: body, mind, or spirit
– You are desiring to feel “lifted up” in a safe and sacred setting
– You want to experience a purely natural and safe form of healing
– You want to feel more joy, connection, and gratitude in your life

Cost: $35, Save $5 if you sign up 2 weeks or more in advance.

Bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable laying down. Popular items are: pillows, blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, and yoga mats.


ED PrayerDemystifying Meditation: Bringing New Life into an Ancient Practice with Elizabeth Dickinson

Saturday 3/5 2-4:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Wikipedia compares the word meditation to the word sports. From ice-skating to field hockey, there is a sport for every person and every mood. The same is true for meditation.
Join Elizabeth for fun, dynamic and light-hearted teaching and experiential as she shares her personal 22-year relationship with meditation, debunks common misconceptions about what meditation is, and creates an accessible (and dare-she-say exciting and empowering) road map for your journey inward.

Whether you are new to meditation or have been meditating for years, you will walk away with a fresh understanding of how rewarding this practice can be, and how to easily incorporate it into your day-to-day life.

This workshop will include: teachings, stories, group meditation, Q&A sessions, short journaling activities, and we’ll end with a super-yummy Yoga Nidra guided relaxation.

Please bring your yoga mat, journal, pen, and dress to practice. If you have one you might like to bring a meditation cushion or stool.

Investment: $45, Save $5 if you sign up by 2/15!

Space is limited and will sell out so sign up early!


Kirtan: Music for Fun and Devotion with Elizabeth Dickinson

Saturday 3/5 7-8:30pmelizabethdrumming1 (2)

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Join Elizabeth with a monthly celebration of yoga of the heart–bhakti yoga–through singing/chanting and playing music! The call and response style of kirtan is easy to follow and can be deeply transformative and heart opening. Join us and your community while we raise our vibration together. Bring drums or other percussion instruments and join in! We come together to connect to ourselves and to connect to one another. Jai ma!

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass

Next Date: 4/9


Chrys Kub RollEasanaRollEasana with Chrys Kub

Sunday 3/6 12:30-1:45pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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RollEasana Yoga: Roll and Release with Asana: This is Self Massage using Foam rollers and small massage balls integrated with releasing yoga postures. Join us for a practice which will help you release holding patterns, learn more about your body and how to use these techniques on your own to enhance ease and efficiency of movement, and if you are an athlete to improve your performance.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 11.46.57 AMIntro to Yoga with Carrie Williams

3/10-3/31 7:30-8:45pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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New to yoga and not sure where to begin? Don’t know your Down Dog from your Up Dog? Not quite ready to jump into a regular Vinyasa class? What does “vinyasa” even mean, anyway?
Take a deep breath and know that we created this workshop just for you. In this 4-week series, we’ll break down the components of a Vinyasa-style class in a fun, relaxed learning environment. A sampling of topics we will cover:

* the mechanics of key postures that are frequently taught in Vinaysa classes

* how to utilize props to help you move with greater ease

* alignment concepts to prepare you to practice safely

* breathing techniques to support you on and off the yoga mat

Expect a warm, friendly learning environment where everyone is welcome…maybe even bring a friend for an extra dose of motivation and support!

Carrie Williams, 500RYT, ERYT is an experienced yoga teacher well-trained in teaching yoga to all levels of students, and especially enjoys introducing yoga to brand new beginners. Carrie considers it her mission to help others feel better in their bodies and live with more joy and purpose through yoga retreats, trainings, and customized 1:1 sessions.

Investment: $75 for all 4 weeks. Registration required. The content taught is cumulative, so please plan to attend all 4 weeks. Space is limited. No refunds or cancellations after the series has begun. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and dress to practice.


Chelisa-fix_0704-6127Healthy Joints For Your Sport and Life with Chelisa Alavedra

Saturday 3/12 2-4pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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We’ve all heard that yoga is good for us, but how can we utilize it to act as an enhancer to other exercises and sports? Join Chelisa Alavedra E-RYT 200 and Elan Schacter (Therapeutic Massage Specialist and Instructor) for an informative workshop on the importance of warming up your joints before you run, cycle, lift weights, rock climb and more through simple sequences from various yoga lineages to increase the circulation to your joints before you start any event.

What to expect:

*Learn the essential keys to vitality and longevity of the bones, joints, and muscles
*Reasons why warming up the joints is SO important before performing any activity
*Practice a yoga sequence to safely increase circulation to the joints: neck, wrists, shoulders, hips, and back

Please bring:

Notebook and Pen

Prepare for practice with comfortable clothing

A yoga mat is highly recommended

Continuing Credits available CE Credits

$50, early bird $40 by March 1st

Elan Schacter is a practicing Massage Therapist with 24 years of experience. He continues to practice, as well as teaches, writes, and assists authors with their massage textbooks. Elan received three awards for massage therapy in 2015.


CJ Lawing, Kellie Jackson Daniel, Be Yoga, Yin Yang YogaYin Yang Workshop with CJ and Kellie with CJ Lawing

Saturday 3/19 2-4:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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“Heavy is the root of light and Stillness the Master of Action.” — Tao de Ching

CJ will begin by leading a 1 hour Yin (passive) practice, a restorative practice offering the opportunity to experience internal energy movement in the framework of stillness. The postures are typically relaxed into and from 3-5 minutes. The luxury of time allows you to immerse yourself in the subtlety and nuances of the connective tissues, tendons, organs and inner energetics of the body.
Once the layers of the body have surrendered and the energy of the body is flowing at deeper levels, Kellie will lead you into a into a 1 hour Yang (active) class. This portion of the class will focus on the muscular realm of the body, moving through a more vigorous flow of standing postures linked with the breath. Although this part of the class is more active, less effort will be needed due to the heightened energy flow from the prior practice of stillness. The combination of these practices done in tandem will nourish the body and provide deep renewal.

We will hold a 15 minutes discussion at both the beginning and end for a brief discussion about the theory and philosophy to give an enriching context for this practice.

Price: $40.00

Flight School at the Wright Brothers Memorial

Flight School: Arm Balances with Allison Modafferi Brewster

Sunday 3/20 2-4pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Reach new heights in your practice, whether you’re an old pro or brand new to flight! Explore foundational basics to support ALL arm balances and grow safely, from the ground up. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of opening your hips, hamstrings, and shoulders, freeing your back, and strengthening your core… while practicing proper alignment and balanced action in a wide assortment of arm balances.

Learn how to:
Safely set your foundation
Activate key muscles
Balance the rotations of your arms and legs
Find lightness in your lift-off
Expand with integrated power
All levels are welcome.

Sunday, March 20th, 2-4pm, East Blvd
Investment: $30
What to bring: yoga mat, water bottle, journal

KL Yellow Dress Headshot

Healthy Habits with Kaitlin Lacey

Thursdays 4/7-5/5 6-7:15pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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In this 5 week course, you’ll learn the simple techniques yogis have been using for thousands of years to support their physical practices, while staying young and vibrant. Join Kaitlin Lacey, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, for this deeply impactful habit change course.
Enjoy better sleep.
Boost your energy.
Learn how to prepare healthy meals with very little effort.
Improve your digestion, assimilation, and elimination.
Learn how to take care of your body and 5 senses so you can stay healthy as we shift into spring and summer.
Master new habits in a way that sets you up for success!
You’ll learn the basics of ayurveda along the way, and have support from your teachers and classmates.

Questions? Email kaitlin@beyogaclt.com

Investment: $125; Early Bird Price of $99 if you sign up by April 1st!



Deep Stretch Yoga & Acupuncture Savasana with Wendy Swanson

Friday 4/8 7-9pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Ready for 2 hours of relaxation, unwinding and de-stressing? Come back to yourself and your body with 1 ½ hours of deep stretch yoga followed by 30 minutes of acupuncture aided savasana.
Deep Stretch: After a brief warm up we will hold longer floor based yoga poses. Be Yoga has plenty of blankets, blocks and straps to help you find a place of ease and comfort.
Acupuncture & Savasana: Prepare to float away during this very unique 30 minute savasana. Acupuncture needles will be inserted in some of the most balancing, restoring and deeply healing points on the body (in the ear, between the eyebrows and on the top of the head).

Wendy Swanson is a board certified licensed acupuncturist with a successful practice here in Charlotte. She has been practicing acupuncture for over seven years. She is also a registered yoga instructor and owner of Be Yoga & Wellness.

Cost: $45 Space is limited, don’t wait to register!


Wendy Swanson Be Yoga Charlotte, NCSpring Goddess Practice and Meditation with Wendy Swanson

Saturday 4/23/16 2-4:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Awaken and renew this spring through the guidance of the divine feminine. Use breath, flow with yoga, be guided with intuitive meditation and use Goddess energy to manifest your visions this spring.
Wendy brings her 25 years of women’s spirituality, natural healing and yoga to infuse this workshop with humble yet powerful Goddess energy.
Note: This workshop is open to all.

Needed: Journal & Yoga Mat

Cost: $40

Next Date: Summer Goddess 6/25


Ayurveda Weekends with Kaitlin Lacey and Mara Healy

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Join Be Yoga’s 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Trainees for an amazing weekend with Mara Healy and Kaitlin Lacey.

Ayurveda Weekend 1: Dosha, Dinacharya, Asana

Friday 4/22- Sunday 4/24

You’ll get a solid foundation in not just what the doshas are, but how they work, and what they’re made of– which is more than you think!. We’ll also dive into dinacharya (daily rhythms), the different sources of individual prikriti (constitutions), the 6 tastes, stages of digestion, and asanas to balance each dosha.

Ayurveda Weekend 2: Dhatus, Prana, Tejas, Ojas, and Sub Doshas of Pitta and Kapha

Friday 5/20- Sunday 5/22

In Ayurveda Weekend 1, we learned about constitutions, and how the body takes in nourishment. In Ayurveda Weekend 2 the focus shifts to how that nourishment turns into the tissues of the physical body (dhatus), and the qualities of the energetic body (ojas, tejas, and prana). We’ll also explore the subdoshas of Pitta and Kapha. You probably knew Vata has the 5 Vayus, but did you know there are 5 Pittas, and 5 Kaphas too?! To make this really applicable, you’ll also learn bandhas and pranayama to use with asana for each constitution.

These are advanced workshops, recommended for yoga teachers and serious students. There are only 4 spots available, so please sign up as soon as practical. Questions? Email kaitlin@beyogaclt.com

Hours: Friday 6-8pm, Saturday 8-6pm, Sunday 8-6pm. Please plan to attend the entire weekend.

Investment: $300

Mara Healy

Advanced Dosha Balancing Practices with Mara Healy

Vata Balancing Practice Saturday 4/23 4-6pm

Vata Balancing Practice Friday 5/20 7-8pm

Kapha Balancing Practice Saturday 5/21 10:30-12pm

Pitta Balancing Practice Sunday 5/22 10:30-12pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

Sign Up Now!

Quiet vata, invigorate kapha, and soothe pitta! These practices are a great chance to get a feel for the 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training, and practice alongside the trainees. Choose one session, or all 6!

An established yoga practice and basic familiarity with ayurveda is recommended.

Investment: $20 per session

Space is very limited, sign up in advance.


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