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Yoga Workshops and Events at Be Yoga Charlotte

Laura Hannon Deep Stretch YogaDeep Stretch and Yoga Nidra Savasana with Laura Hannon

Friday 9/23 7-8:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Get a blissful start to your weekend with a special deep stretch class. We’ll start with seated and supine poses to relax your body then finish class with a 20 minute savasana and guided yoga nidra practice. Yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep”, invites to a place of deep calm, clarity and quiet. It restores our body, senses and mind to their natural function, a state of relaxation, and allows us to feel deeply connected and whole.

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass

sarah olin

Women’s Meditation Circle with Sarah Olin

Sunday 9/23 6:30-7:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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“If a woman sits with folded hands in her lap for a few minutes every day, and feels she is a container so vast that she contains the whole Universe, she will never feel weak or have any problems. There is nothing beyond woman except God.” -Yogi Bhajan

Women are divine energy, spirit and power. We are also holders of the home, our families and communities. We work hard. And we need each other. We need to sit and share time and space. As women, we are hard-wired to give and serve. And to be the best versions of ourselves, we must take time for ourselves and our spirit.
Join Sarah Olin — Charlotte-based Mama, coach and yogi — for a monthly donation-based meditation circle created especially for women. One evening per month, we will gather together to practice a new meditation to lift our spirits and get us connected to ourselves. There will be a 20-30 minute meditation followed by sharing.
Appropriate for all levels; beginners welcome.

Suggested Donation $5-$15
Next Dates: 9/25 10/23 11/27


Allison Modafferi Brewster, Kellie Jackson Daniel Be Yoga

The Art & Science of Assisting with Allison Modafferi Brewster & Kellie Jackson Daniel

Saturday 10/1 2-6pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Amazing assists start with skillful seeing.
Deepen your understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, and alignment to give confident, empowering, and personalized verbal and physical assists. Explore the relationship between stability and freedom, and learn how to cultivate trust, support healing, and encourage safe expansion, while offering the most appropriate assists for every body.

The Art & Science of Assisting is a 4 hour CEU workshop open to serious students, yoga teachers, teachers-in-training, and bodyworkers (massage therapists, physical therapists, etc.) who are interested in learning and practicing hands-on assists and/or auditioning to assist our classes at Be Yoga.

Investment: $140
Early Bird Discount (by Sept 17th): $112 (20% off)


Chrys Kub RollEasanaRollEasana with Chrys Kub

Sunday 10/2 12:30-1:45pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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RollEasana Yoga: Roll and Release with Asana: This is Self Massage using Foam rollers and small massage balls integrated with releasing yoga postures. Join us for a practice which will help you release holding patterns, learn more about your body and how to use these techniques on your own to enhance ease and efficiency of movement, and if you are an athlete to improve your performance.

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass

Next Date: 12/4


Therapeutic Slow Flow Series with Sybil Nance

Wendesday 10/5-10/26 11:45-1pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Come to a progressive 4 week series learning more about your very specific patterns of compensation and stress!
Sybil will shine light on why stretching may not be the only solution, how your specific patterns can unwind and end a cycle of chronic pain. This workshop will have movement, breath work and some philosophy. We will re-set the dial to more ease-filled yoga practices.

Please bring a yoga mat and journal.

Sybil is a 800 hr accredited Yoga Therapist with over 20 years’ experience in the world of yoga education. Her passion is to help folks find ease, and to live a yogic life. How we are in our bodies is how we are in life and so our Yoga Asana simply become a barometer of our own health and wellness.

Investment: $85 for 4 weeks. No partial payments or refunds for dates missed.


Wendy Fall GoddessFall Goddess Practice & Meditation with Wendy Swanson

Saturday 10/8 2-4:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Discover and embrace all of who you are with the guidance of the divine feminine. Use breath, flow with yoga, be guided with intuitive meditation and use Goddess energy to heal, transform and awaken this fall.
Wendy brings her 25 years of women’s spirituality, natural healing and yoga to infuse this workshop with humble yet powerful Goddess energy.
Note: All levels. Women Only.
Needed: Journal & Yoga Mat

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop! I truly left feeling inspired. I really enjoyed supporting each other as we went under each others arms to prep for our transformation. The energy and feeling of community in the room was amazing.”. – Elizabeth Kitts

“I still have a smile on my face, a spring in my step and my heart is a bit lighter. Thank you for putting together a fabulous workshop.” – Claudia Abbott

Pricing: $40


Tracy Mott with kidsFamily Yoga Playshop with Tracy Mott

Sunday 10/9/16 3:30-4:30pm

Location: Be Dilworth

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In this monthly family yoga playshop kids and parents will explore themes such as change, mindfulness, love, focus, patience, and teamwork. These themes are woven into classes where students will learn tools to unite body, mind and heart. Moving our bodies through poses, playing games, practicing meditation (walking and seated), breath-work, and reflection are just a few of the ways kids and parents can learn to take care of themselves, de-stress, use their energy more effectively, quiet their minds, gain balance, and get along with themselves and others.
$8 Per Person, Child or Adult
Next Dates: 11/6, 12/4, 2/5


acro carrie

Intro to Acro Yoga Series with Carrie Wren and Rachel Harper

Thursdays 10/13-10/28 7:30-8:45pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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AcroYoga is an integration of yoga, acrobatics, and healing arts. Sometimes it looks like partner yoga, sometimes a therapeutic restorative practice for both partners including Thai yoga massage. At other times it is a very acrobatic flow. It is a super fun way to learn to connect with each other through communication and trust, while building strength, flexibility, and courage among other things.
In this 3-week series, we will practice basics of L-Basing, Flying, and proper spotting techniques needed for anyone wanting to try Acro. Strength building techniques, warm-ups, and calibrations will be explored as well.

About your teachers: Carrie Wren and Rachael Harper are both ERYT-500, Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioners, and tremendously enthusiastic Acro Yoga players. We’re so excited to share Acro with you!

Investment: $75/3-week Series

Dates: 7:30-8:45pm, Thursdays in October: 13, 20, 27

Jenn Shull pic

Yoga Off the Mat with Jennifer Shull

Friday 10/14 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Are You Ready to Take Your Yoga Off the Mat?!
This workshop is for you if you want to:

Begin to relate to the transition in your life more like you relate to the transition in your yoga practice.

Slow down to hear your highest self more clearly connect to what’s behind your desires, and gain clarity on what you’re putting in the way of them.

Walk away with an exercise that will allow you to clear space in your mind, body, and spirit so that you can create an empowering place to choose from throughout your day.

Meditation, breath work, visualization, sharing, journaling, light asana, and coaching will be the vehicles used in supporting us to shift our state of being through our two hours together.

This group is limited to 5 people who desire a supportive, intimate, and comfortable environment to grow in.

Please bring a cushion to sit on, yoga mat, pen, journal, and water bottle. Jenn Shull is trained life coach and yoga instructor who has witnessed firsthand what the weaving together of coaching and yoga has the power to do in her client’s lives as well as her own. Join Jenn for a couple hours of fun, transformation, and gentle power.

Investment: $50


kirtan charlotte, nc elizabeth dickinsonSlow Flow with Extended Chanting Savasana with Elizabeth Dickinson

Saturday 10/15 2-4pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Join Elizabeth for a rich and wonderful yoga experience. In this 2 hour event we will warm the body up with a meditative style of slow flow and breath work. After connecting to the body and the breath we will slowly wind the body down through longer holds to prepare the body for deep relaxation. We will then transition into a 20 minute supported savasana, where the real journey begins.

While you are in your supported savasana, song and sound will transport you into a deeply connected and healing place within yourself. Come experience this very special afternoon of music and deep renewal with Elizabeth!

Cost: $20 in advance, $25 at the door


Katie-11Deep Stretch with Sound Journey with Wendy Swanson, Katie Sutton, and Josh Vogt

Friday 10/21 7-8:15pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Everything you love about Deep Stretch with a relaxing sound journey to accompany your practice.

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass

Next Date: 11/11 Carmel


Wendy Swanson Be Yoga CharlotteDeep Stretch Yoga & Acupuncture Savasana with Wendy Swanson

Friday 10/28 7-9pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Ready for 2 hours of relaxation, unwinding and de-stressing? Come back to yourself and your body with 1 ½ hours of deep stretch yoga followed by 30 minutes of acupuncture aided savasana.
Deep Stretch: After a brief warm up we will hold longer floor based yoga poses. Be Yoga has plenty of blankets, blocks and straps to help you find a place of ease and comfort.
Acupuncture & Savasana: Prepare to float away during this very unique 30 minute savasana. Acupuncture needles will be inserted in some of the most balancing, restoring and deeply healing points on the body (in the ear, between the eyebrows and on the top of the head).

Wendy Swanson is a board certified licensed acupuncturist with a successful practice here in Charlotte. She has been practicing acupuncture for over seven years. She is also a registered yoga instructor and owner of Be Yoga & Wellness.

Cost: $45 Space is limited, don’t wait to register!

Next Date: 1/13/16 at Be Yoga Carmel


Kellie Intro to Yoga Intro to Yoga with Kellie with Kellie Jackson Daniel

Thursdays 11/3-12/1 7-8:15pm (Break for Thanksgiving)

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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This 4 week introduction series will provide a better understanding of what yoga is, how this practice can help reduce stress, and to experience basic yoga postures pain free! You will learn alignment principles that will become the foundation for a strong and healthy practice in a safe, supportive and fun environment with time for questions. This series prepares you to enter the Align & Flow classes.
This series is perfect for you, if you:
– Are brand new to yoga in general or new to the Align & Flow style
– Your friends and family keep dropping hints you need a yoga class
– You tell people you can’t do yoga because you are not flexible
– Want to learn how to reduce stress and calm your nervous system (hence your family and friends suggestion to try yoga)
– Want to have fun and meet some warm, caring people in our community
– If you are 15 years or older

Cost: $75 for all 4 weeks. Registration required. The content taught is cumulative, so please plan to attend all 4 weeks. Space is limited. No refunds or cancellations after the series has begun. Please note: there will be NO class on Thanksgiving.


F60C8190Universal Yoga Cross-Mat Practice with Mara Healy

Sunday 11/6 12:30-3:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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The Cross-Mat Mandala Class is a Universal Yoga method that skillfully integrates asanas, vinyasas, & turns on the mat with pranayamas, mantras and internal awareness. Two mats crossed in a “plus sign” allow for more creative freedom, a wider array of sequencing patterns and greater efficiency of practice. The class is intelligently paced and open to any level of practitioner. It is a method of practice that supports supple-stability of the body, wise use of energy and clarity of mind.

Investment: $20


Katie Sutton Aerily Yoga Be Yoga Charlotte

Aerial Deep Stretch with Sound Journey Savasana with Katie Sutton

Friday 11/12 7-8:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Get a blissful start to your weekend with a special deep stretch class. We’ll start with a short guided meditation followed by a deep stretch class aided by the aerial hammocks and then finish class with a 30 minute sound journey savasana. During Savasana you will rest and relax in the aerial hammock while Katie and her husband Josh take you on a relaxing journey with sounds from various instruments including didgeridoos, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, native flute and drums.

Investment: $25
Class is limited to 10 spots so please sign up early!

Next Date: 12/2



Chakra Vinyasa Flow: A Journey Into The Heart Master Class with Kristin Wetzel

Saturday 11/12 2-3:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Join me for an invigorating vinyasa class which will take you on a mindful, flowing, heart opening journey that moves organically through the chakra system. The focus will be on the 4th chakra, or heart chakra (Anahata, meaning “unstruck” or “unbroken”) As we breathe and flow, we will bring awareness to the heart space, where our divine light and an ocean of love and compassion dwell, yearning to be awakened. By tapping into the energy center of the heart and coming back towards the ultimate source of love, we take beautiful, mindful steps inward towards finding our highest selves.

The class begins with gentle centering warm-ups and breathing, followed by flowing sun salutations, creative standing posture sequences, courageous arm balances, transformative inversions, heart opening backbends, purifying twists, introspective forward bends/hip openers, and mind-expanding meditation. The class culminates in blissful relaxation and beautiful bhakti call-and-response chanting with a harmonium, leaving you happy, wild, open-hearted and free.

Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and dress to practice.

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass


kathleen-plant-medicinePlant Medicine that Nurtures and Support Us with Kathleen McIntrye

Friday 11/18 7-8:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Plants gift us with their healing properties to assist in awaking and transforming our spiritual, mental, and physical bodies. They can become our amazing allies, particularly in times of stress or when we need extra support and nourishing. This workshop will begin with a plant meditation to ground and connect us more deeply with our plant allies. You will learn how nourishing herbal infusions, tinctures, and connecting with nature, can support your nervous system and help you be more relaxed, openhearted, grounded, and resilient. You will receive herbal recipes to nourish yourself and others. Please bring a journal.

Kathleen combines her life long love of Nature with her knowledge of ecologic systems as well as human biological and energetic systems to create dynamic workshops that inspire, transform, and create a greater connection with Self and Nature. She is currently the co-founder of the Davidson Green School and teaches people of all ages sustainable/regenerative living and herbalism.

Investment: $25 (Early Bird $20 through 11/17)


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