yoga 2013Monthly Family Yoga Play Shops – First Sunday of Each Month with Tracy Mott

Sunday 2/1 3:30-4:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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The theme of the February Family Yoga Playshop will be LOVE! Come explore how loving yourself impacts your relationships with your family, friends, community and world!!! We will unite our loving hearts with our minds and bodies. Moving our bodies through poses, playing games, practicing meditation (walking and seated), breath-work, and reflection are just a few of the ways kids and parents can learn to take care of themselves, de-stress, use their energy more effectively, quiet their minds, gain balance, get along with themselves and others, and bring more love to their world!

Cost: Just $7 per child or adult


Carrie W fix_0704-6232

Intro to Yoga: Vinyasa

Teacher: Carrie Williams

Dates: Thursdays 2/5-2/26 7:30-8:45pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Intro to Yoga: Vinyasa

Teacher: Ashley Voyer

Dates: Thursdays 2/5-2/26 9:30-10:45am

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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F60C8190Intro to Yoga: Universal

Teacher: Mara Healy

Dates: Tuesdays 7:15-8:45pm, 2/3-3/10/15  (6 weeks)

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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IMG_0877Intro to Yoga: Align & Flow

Teacher: Anje Seurfert

Dates: Wednesdays 11:45-1pm, 3/4-3/25

Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Investment: $60 for 4 week series, $90 for 6 week series. Space is limited. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and dress to practice.


WassistKLDeep Stretch Yoga & Acupuncture Savasana with Wendy Swanson

Friday 2/6/15 7-9pm
Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Ready for 2 hours of relaxation, unwinding and de-stressing? Come back to yourself and your body with 1 ½ hours of deep stretch yoga followed by 30 minutes of acupuncture aided savasana.

  • Deep Stretch: After a brief warm up we will hold longer floor based yoga poses. Be Yoga has plenty of blankets, blocks and straps to help you find a place of ease and comfort.
  • Acupuncture & Savasana: Prepare to float away during this very unique 30 minute savasana. Acupuncture needles will be inserted in some of the most balancing, restoring and deeply healing points on the body (in the ear, between the eyebrows and on the top of the head).

Wendy Swanson is a board certified licensed acupuncturist with a successful practice here in Charlotte. She has been practicing acupuncture for over seven years. She is also a registered yoga instructor and owner of Be Yoga & Wellness.

Cost: $45. Space is limited, don’t wait to register!



The Art of Slowing Down with Sybil Nance

Sunday 2/8 12:30-3pm
Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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This workshop will have an interactive yoga practice followed by discussion and breaking down the poses. Sybil has 18 years experience in teaching yoga, owning yoga studios and traveling internationally leading teacher trainings and spiritual retreats. She specializes in making things simple. Taking the complexities in the yoga philosophy, yoga postures and functional movement and blending it all into a magical journey of ease and nourishment. This workshop is not to be missed. If you are ready to progress to the next level in your practice this workshop is for you. Sybil will reach each and every one of you in a way that empowers your body to move as it should with ease and efficiency. It is not important what moves you make with your body it is however important how you move your specific body. Sybil is a trained Yoga Therapist and has a thriving business comprised of customized class formats and individual session. Sybil has recently moved to this area from Oregon and she brings with her a very unique perspective on progressing our yoga practice all with ease and grace.

Investment: $39

Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and dress to practice.


photoDidgeridoo Deep Stretch with Zach McNabb and Wendy Swanson

Sunday 2/8 6:15-7:30pm

Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Enjoy our most popular class with didgeridoo vibrations provided by Zach McNabb. The didgeridoo is an indigenous Australian instrument that is best known for its healing tones and deep vibrations. It’s a perfect addition to Deep Stretch, which is a relaxing class made up entirely of floor postures, suitable for all body types and experience levels.

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass


ED DrumKirtan: Music for Fun and Devotion with Elizabeth Dickinson

Saturday 2/14/15 7-8:15pm
Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Join Elizabeth with a monthly celebration of yoga of the heart–bhakti yoga–through singing/chanting and playing music! The call and response style of kirtan is easy to follow and can be deeply transformative and heart opening. Join us and your community while we raise our vibration together. Bring drums or other percussion instruments and join in! We come together to connect to ourselves and to connect to one another. Jai ma!

Investment: $16 Drop in, or a class off your regular pass


Elizabeth Edited meditation


Demystifying Meditation: Bringing New Life into an Ancient Practice with Elizabeth Dickinson

Saturday 2/21/15 2-4:30pm
Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Wikipedia compares the word meditation to the word sports. From ice-skating to field hockey, there is a sport for every person and every mood. The same is true for meditation.
Join Elizabeth for fun, dynamic and light-hearted teaching and experiential as she shares her personal 22-year relationship with meditation, debunks common misconceptions about what meditation is, and creates an accessible (and dare-she-say exciting and empowering) road map for your journey inward.

Whether you are new to meditation or have been meditating for years, you will walk away with a fresh understanding of how rewarding this practice can be, and how to easily incorporate it into your day-to-day life.

This workshop will include: teachings, stories, group meditation, Q&A sessions, short journaling activities, and we’ll end with a super-yummy Yoga Nidra guided relaxation.

Please bring your yoga mat, journal, pen, and dress to practice. If you have one you might like to bring a meditation cushion or stool.

Cost: $35, or $28 if you sign up by January 15th


FullSizeRenderExperience Your Chakras with Kaitlin Lacey and Kelley Barrett-Duncan

Saturday 2/28/15 2-5pm
Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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What are chakras? How can you benefit from understanding them? Whether you think a chakra is a spicy variety of okra or have extensive chakra meditation under your belt, this is a unique opportunity for you to understand your body on an energetic level. This workshop will deepen your knowledge of the chakra system, its effects on your mind and body, and provide ways to realign your energetic body. Join Kelley and Kaitlin as we work with each of our chakras using yoga poses, introspective questions, group exercises, and meditation. Let go of old baggage and open up to healthier habits and self-revelation in a supportive, safe, and playful environment.

Each participant will receive a booklet with overviews of the chakra system, journal questions, yoga postures, and meditations to take home.

Investment: $40. Sign up before 2/14 and save $5. Space is limited, so sign up now!

Please bring a journal, yoga mat, water bottle, and dress to practice.


sarah olinKundalini Yoga and Meditation to Conquer Stress 4 Week Series with Sarah Olin

Thursdays 3/5-3/26 7:30-9pm
Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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In this 4-week series, participants will practice powerful Kundalini Yoga sets for releasing tension and deep relaxation. Participants will also learn pranayama and meditations to manage stress. Come laugh, move and chant with us! We will also look into the idea of Dharma and how it relates to us as “regular” folk with a spiritual practice.

Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and dress to practice.

Investment: $60 for 4 weeks, $16 to drop in


greg handpanHandpan Meditation with Greg LaBarbera and Dr. Matt Lyon

Saturday 3/7 7-9pm
Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Join Dr. Matt Lyon and Greg LaBarbera as they lead you into a place of deep rest, creativity, and profound connection using the soothing tones of the handpan to lead you into a place of deep, primordial peace.
The Handpan is powerful for meditation as it effortlessly brings our brain and nervous system into a state of deep rest deeper than sleep – into the brain waves associated with deep meditation and profound regeneration.
This is for you if:
You want a deep experience of meditation
You are an experienced meditator and want to go into a deeper, more embodied experience
You are brand new to meditation and want a safe, easy, and fun way to experience it
You find meditation difficult because “you can’t slow your mind” or “feel too restless”
You want to improve your health naturally
You want to feel more spontaneous joy, gratitude, connection, and peace

Cost: $25
Bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable laying down. Popular items are: pillows, blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, and yoga mats.


Wah!2007_flyerWah! Full Band Chanting Concert

Friday 3/13/15 7:30pm
Location: Be Yoga Dilworth

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Wah! reinvents the genre of kirtan chant with her synthesis of Sade-like production and traditional Sanskrit mantras. Her mesmerizing, hypnotic voice bridges the ancient art of kirtan with the contemporary, ecstatic sound of western culture. Drawing from both current trends and ancient traditions, this music is infused with pop, reggae and folk melodies. If you’ve taken a yoga class in the last five years, you have no doubt heard Wah! and her indisputably unique, sultry voice. Wah! began her world music journey when she took a college course on raga: melodic modes used for Indian classical chant. This led to her exploration of classical, world, jazz and reggae music as well as the performing arts. Captivating audiences around the world, Wah! performs more than one hundred dates a year. Her music is sold throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. Her acclaimed solo albums include Love Holding Love and Savasana.

Dress for barefoot dancing!
Pricing: $20 in advance, $25 day of


How the Brain Works: a 4 Week Exploration with Elizabeth Dickinson and Laura Hannon

Tuesdays 4/14-5/5 7:15-8:30pm
Location: Be Yoga Carmel

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Did you know that even when positive experience outnumber negative ones, the natural tendency of the brain is to remember negative experiences? Did you know this tendency developed naturally over time to help our species survive?
Join Elizabeth and Laura as they delve into the science behind the way we think. Learn about tendencies of the mind and the evolutionary reasons behind them. Gain skills to create more balance in the brain and cultivate more happiness, love, and wisdom in your life.

Each week will include: interactive teachings, experiential exercises and time for group Q&A throughout. We will start each session with a light yoga practice and short meditation to get our minds and bodies primed to learn.

Week 1: Negativity Bias: Understanding the Causes of Suffering
Week 2: Taking in the Good: Finding Balance and the Nature of Happiness
Week 3: Two Wolves in the Heart: Cultivating Compassion, Creating Healthy Boundaries
Week 4: Inner Wisdom: Connecting Deeply to our Inner Truth

Please bring: Yoga mat, water, a journal if you like to take notes
Cost: $65 for 4 weeks. $20 for a drop in session.