Karma yoga (Sanskrit: कर्म योग), (also known as Buddhi Yoga) or the “discipline of action” is based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism. Of the four paths to realization, Karma Yoga is the science of achieving perfection in action. Selfless action and service to others are emphasized in this type of yoga. Karma Yoga is selfless service unto humanity. If you have a favorite charity, that you would like to see Be Yoga feature, please email Michelle Seymour, michelle@beyogaclt.com.

Happy November!  What a perfect time to come to the studio to spend time on your mat.  The days are cooler and there is beautiful color all around our city.  As the month draws to a close and Thanksgiving approaches, you might feel inspired to be in a place of gratitude more often than usual.  Despite the business of the holiday season, somehow just making space for a few extra deep breaths coupled with an awareness of feeling the spirit of grace can bring a sense of peace.  As we give thanks this month, you might feel a strong motivation to give back to others.  That’s where our Be Good program comes in!  This month our karma yoga program is all about caring for children in crisis.

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We’re partnering with the Children’s Advocacy Center at CMC-Northeast (CAC), an accredited state chapter of the National Children’s Alliance.  This organization is established in conjunction with area resource partners to specifically address the complicated issues surrounding child physical and sexual abuse in Cabarrus County. Staff members assist children and strengthen families by providing child interviews and medical examinations with medical diagnosis, treatment and referral when appropriate by utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach to child abuse. This child-sensitive approach emphasizes early intervention, coordinated investigations and allied responses to this community problem.


A child is abused or neglected in the United States every 40 seconds.  That’s a statistic CAC hopes to directly impact. Every child deserves to feel safe and loved – when that doesn’t happen CAC is a child’s biggest advocate and supporter.  CAC is an independent agency, providing services for abused children, and relies on the local community (that’s us!) for support. By bringing together collaborative partners, such as local child protective services, law enforcement, prosecutors, medical and mental health providers, CAC’s can make a positive difference in the lives of abused children by bringing professionals to the child instead of asking children and their families to access services through many different portals.  It’s one less thing to manage during an incredibly difficult time.

Learn More about Children’s Advocacy Center

at CMC-Northeast and other chapters

Maybe you are inspired to support the Children’s Advocacy Center at CMC-Northeast – want to know how you can help?  Here’s how you can get involved:

Special Event

Be Yoga is participating in the Cheer Contest during the Thunder Road Marathon on Saturday November 15th.  We will be at the mile 5 marker which will place us at the Providence and Wendover intersection from 7:45-9am.  A donation will be made to the top 3 winning cheer station’s charities of choice, so we could win $1000 for CAC!  If you can join us, please contact Ashley Walker at ashleywalker@beyogaclt.com.

Donation Classes

This month we will offer a karma yoga class on Saturday November 22nd.  Karma yoga classes are just $5, or an item from the wish list.  Additional donations will also be accepted.


To get involved with office-related tasks, fundraising, guest speaking, and other opportunities please contact Paula Yost at 704-280-3624.


If you’d like to help fill our donation baskets in the lobby at both locations, we will be collecting the following items for future hikes (this list will also be posted in both studios):

  • Coloring Books and Puzzle Books
  • Juice boxes & individual snacks
  • Blank journals
  • Children and teen clothing (especially pants)
  • Toys (educational)
  • Staples & OfficeMax gift cards (for CAC supplies)

It feels good to Be Good!