Karma yoga (Sanskrit: कर्म योग), (also known as Buddhi Yoga) or the “discipline of action” is based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism. Of the four paths to realization, Karma Yoga is the science of achieving perfection in action. Selfless action and service to others are emphasized in this type of yoga. Karma Yoga is selfless service unto humanity. If you have a favorite charity, that you would like to see Be Yoga feature, please email Michelle Seymour, michelle@beyogaclt.com.

It’s July!  Even if you didn’t have a calendar you would know summer is in full force in our community because of the many outdoor events taking advantage of the longer days and easygoing, good feeling in the air.  One of these outdoor events this month just happens to be our karma yoga partner for July!  We’re excited to be partnering with the 24 Hours of Booty organization and eager to support their mission of integrating cancer fundraising and cycling to engage communities in support of cancer research and programs. 24B_logo_compact_1tag

Be Bootyful Donation Class

with Allison Modafferi Brewster!

Celebrate 24 Hours of Booty, in support of LIVESTRONG™ and the Levine Cancer Institute.

Come support the fight against cancer, and Be Yoga will match your cash donations!  This Align & Flow style class will be a playful, inspired exploration of how and why we internally rotate our thighs to broaden our sitting bones… the yoga version of “the booty loop”!  Learn how to engage your leg muscles to create this therapeutic action, then how to support your low back with the strength of your core.  Power up your standing poses, deepen your hip openers, and transform your backbends with “the booty loop”!

  • July 26th, 2014

  • 9:30-1045 @ Dilworth

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– The 24 Hours of Booty event in Charlotte directly benefits Levine Children’s Hospital.  This list offers suggestions for items to donate to the pediatric patients at Levine Children’s Hospital on the campus of Carolinas Medical Center. If you’d like to help fill our donation baskets in the lobby at both locations, we will be collecting the following items (this list will also be posted in both studios):

Our biggest need right now is chocolate and vanilla Ensure drinks for patients undergoing treatment.

Other possible item donations for Levine Children’s Hospital

  • New toys and baby items for infants-teens (Please avoid toys that have small choke-able pieces, sharp pieces, or fall apart easily)
  • Games, books and puzzles
  • Arts & crafts items
  • Hand-held video games and CD players
  • $5 Wal-Mart/Target gift cards
  • Baby gowns and sleepers
  • Toiletry items (for parents and young adults)

Since 2002, their mission has been to conduct 24-hour cycling events that increase public awareness, funds, and support for LIVESTRONG™ and local cancer organizations. The 24 Hours of Booty organization works hard to grow participation and fundraising by increasing the number of quality events held in communities worldwide.  Although the organization is headquartered in Charlotte and started here, there are now 24 Hours of Booty events in Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Columbia.  A 24 Hours of Booty event brings together cyclists of all abilities and unites people who are passionate about fighting cancer. Held on a traffic-free loop, 24 Hours of Booty raises vital funds for local and national cancer charities. Since its inception, more than $11 million has been raised. 

Charlotte’s Myers Park neighborhood is home to the original Booty Loop. In partnership with presenting sponsor, Levine Cancer Institute, 24 Hours of Booty Charlotte will celebrate its thirteenth year and host 1,200 riders who will raise more than $1.2 million for cancer research and survivorship.  This year the event will be held from 7pm on Friday July 25th to 7pm on Saturday July 26th.  Riders raise a minimum of $400, and can ride as much or as little as they want during the event.  For more information, here is the 24 Hours of Booty website – http://www.24hoursofbooty.org. There’s also still time to sign up to ride or volunteer! 


– Volunteers are needed before, during, and after the event. If you have time to give, please take a look at the volunteer opportunities here:  http://www.24hoursofbooty.org/site/PageServer?pagename=help_volunteer

It feels good to Be Good!