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Align & Flow 200-hr Teacher Training with Rasika Yoga School

Are you a passionate, dedicated, and intelligent practitioner of yoga? Do you have the desire to deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga, and share this life transforming practice within your community?

Rasika (RA-si-kuh) is a Sanskrit word that as an adjective means “tasteful, of good taste, elegant” and as a noun means “one of good taste, one with refined feelings, a connoisseur.” It therefore refers to one whose yoga practice guides them into a refined and true experience of the sublime through engaged living.

In this Rasika Yoga School program, a 9-month basic 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, you’ll learn the science of yoga and the art of creative communication through teaching. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive curriculum in the foundational study and practices of yoga so you graduate as a skilled, confident, and clear instructor. Within our supportive community, you will be encouraged to realize your unique talents and learn to use this authentic voice to become a masterful and effective teacher.

“I am less than 2 weeks from graduating, and I feel as though I’m able to intelligently sequence, I have a deeper mediation and pranayama practice, and my knowledge of Ayurveda has grown exponentially.  The support that Rasika has given me is a support that I have embodied, and will travel with me forever.” -Jenn, Rasika Yoga School graduate

Why Rasika Yoga School?

With over 60 years combined teaching experience from our faculty, you will have the opportunity to study with and apprentice under some of the most highly trained yoga instructors in the region. Our 9-month program also exceeds the required number of contact hours outlined by Yoga Alliance meaning you will receive more teaching practice and immersion into the seminal texts of yoga, the functional anatomy & alignment in asana, and the wide-ranging teaching skills necessary to create inspirational classes. Our approach to yoga is that it is a lifelong practice of radical self-discovery and is much more than a “workout.” As one of our teachers, Dr. Douglas Brooks, states, “Yoga is a practice of getting good at being yourself.”

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The 200-hour teacher training at RYS will introduce you to a course of study that will lead you deeply into the philosophy and history of yoga while staying closely relevant to their application in the context of teaching amazing yoga classes.

Rasika Faculty - 200

Primary Faculty: Sarah Faircloth, Sari Weston, Allison Modafferi Brewster, Kelley Gardner, Stacey Millner-Collins


Guest Faculty: Marcy Braverman Goldstein, Elizabeth Regan


2017-2018 Dates:

September 15-17…The Bindu (Cornelius, NC)

October 6-8…City Yoga (Columbia, SC)

October 27-29…The Bindu (Cornelius, NC)

November 17-19…Be Yoga (Charlotte, NC)

December 8-10…City Yoga (Columbia, SC)

January 5-7…The Bindu (Cornelius, NC)

January 26-28…City Yoga (Columbia, SC)

February 16-18…The Bindu (Cornelius, NC)

March 9-11…Be Yoga (Charlotte, NC)

Weekend schedule:

Friday: 6:00-9:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am-7:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am-7:00pm


Our trainings are held at Be Yoga in Charlotte, NC, The Bindu in Cornelius, NC, and City Yoga in Columbia, SC. Homestay options with local yogis are available.

YOUR OWN PRACTICE– Refine your own yoga practice

ASANA – General form of poses – Alignment principles – Benefits and Contraindications – Sequencing principles – Use of modifications and props

PRANAYAMA – Detailed Explanations of various pranayamas – Benefits/Contraindications – How to teach/Practice teachingMEDITATION – Meditation techniques – Theory of Meditation – Practice teaching meditationCHANTING/MANTRA – Recitation/Practice – Sanskrit terminology, correct pronunciation and meaning – Purpose






SUBTLE ENERGY – The study of the chakras, nadis, pranas

PHILOSOPHY – History of Yoga – Patanjali Yoga Sutras – Bhagavad Gita – Dualism vs. Non-dualism


200 hr Application and Registration

Thank you for your interest in Rasika Yoga School. The directors of this program will review your application and contact you within one week of application regarding your acceptance to Rasika Yoga School.

We ask that you have at least six months of regular weekly yoga classes as a prerequisite of being accepted into this program. It is also highly recommended that you attend our Yoga Asana Immersion Weekend at City Yoga (Columbia, SC). Details for this weekend will be published soon.

PROCESS OF APPLICATION Complete application/registration online (preferable) or print off and mail. If you are applying online, please leave time to complete the application when you begin the process. You cannot save/return at a later date to complete. Link to google.doc application – click here. If mailing, print application from this link (click here) and mail to: Rasika Yoga, 21530 Old Canal Street, Cornelius, NC 28031. Send electronic photo (jpg format) of yourself (headshot) to manager@rasikayoga.com (this is for our use to put a face with your name). Deposit of $200 due with your application (check or credit card) $100 of the deposit is nonrefundable The entire $200 is applied to your tuition once you are accepted into the program Checks made out to Rasika Yoga Mail check to Rasika Yoga, 21530 Old Canal Street, Cornelius, NC 28301 If paying deposit via credit card, call Shelly Morrow, manager, at 704-453-9273 If your primary teacher is someone other than one of the Rasika Yoga School teachers, please have your primary teacher send an email confirming that you have taken yoga classes weekly for at least six months. Email: info@rasikayoga.com


We expect Rasika Yoga School to fill up quickly as space is limited. Students will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Cost of training: $2900 (including a $250 deposit)

  • Option 1:  Full Payment by start of training…$2750 (includes $200 deposit) – $100 SAVINGS!

  • Option 2:  Pay Deposit of $250 and 3 Installments of $945

We accept checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Please note that tuition does not include accommodations, books or meals.


Reading List:

  • Light on Yoga – B.K.S Iyengar
  • Light on Pranayama – B.K.S Iyengar
  • Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – trans. B.K.S Iyengar
  • Bhagavad Gita – various translations
  • Poised for Grace – Dr. Douglas Brooks
  • Hatha Yoga Illustrated – Martin Kirk and Brooke Boon
  • Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing – Dr. Vasant Lad
  • The Courage to Teach – Parker J. Palmer
  • Meditation for the Love of It – Sally Kempton
  • Yoga Anatomy  – Leslie Kaminoff

Materials to bring:

  • 2 inch binder and extra paper for note taking
  • journal
  • yoga mat
  • Comfortable seat (back jack, etc)
  • Reading List books

Non-contact hours/homework requirements:

You will be expected to complete monthly homework consisting primarily of reading, journal exercises, asana, meditation & pranayama practice, practice teaching, and public class observation/assisting. Your homework assignments for the entire program will be distributed during our first weekend gathering.

Teacher Training is a time-intensive endeavor. You probably have some of these hours incorporated into your life, such as your asana practice. Plan to spend additional hours for outside work eachweek:
5-6 hours asana practice
2 hours journaling/pranayama/meditation

2 hours practice teaching/observing/assisting

The weekend trainings are held in Charlotte & Cornelius, NC and Columbia, SC. Homestay options with local yogis are available. Please let us know immediately if you are interested in home stay so that we can try to accommodate your needs. We will send a list of local hotels, B & B’s, and rooms to rent upon acceptance of your application.

Attendance Policy

As a student in Rasika Yoga teacher training program, you are expected to be fully committed to the 9-month program. Full attendance in the program is required for Yoga Alliance certification and to receive a certificate in this program. It is not recommended or desired that you anticipate missing any weekends or segments.

In the case of emergency only, making up missed time will require extra time, money and sometimes travel. Most instructors charge a make up fee of $100/hr. As a Rasika Yoga teacher trainee, you agree to the following protocol in the event of missing any part of the training:

  1. If an emergency requires you miss part of a weekend training, you agree to contact the teacher who taught that segment, within 1 week of the training, to schedule a private session(s). It is highly recommended that the trainee make-up the missed hours prior to the next teacher training weekend.  All make ups must be completed by the start of the last weekend of training.
  2. If an emergency requires you to miss an entire weekend of training, you may complete the program but will not receive a certificate until you make that weekend up. Yoga Alliance will not certify you until you have successfully completed Rasika Yoga School.  Your teachers will advise you what weekend(s) you need to take in future programs to complete your teacher training course. You are required to reapply and pay for the additional future training weekends.  You are strongly urged NOT to enroll going into Rasika Yoga School if you know up front you will miss portions of the program. It is costly, and it will most likely never be the same quality of learning as with your original group of peers.



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