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New to Yoga? Welcome to Be!

new to yoga

We are a studio with the full spectrum of yin and yang. We embrace the young adult and we embrace the middle aged adult and we embrace the older adult. We embrace the strong and we embrace the weak. We embrace the active and we embrace the passive. We embrace the intense and we embrace the soft. We embrace that life changes all the time. We embrace the ultimate cycle of life and death. We embody and fully embrace that we are inherently love, and in our loving we experience joy, laughter, tears, anger, grief and peace. We celebrate each and every human being regardless of who or what they are.

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Next Call: Thursday 12/10 7-7:20pm (email kaitlin@beyogaclt.com to request another time)

Dial-In Number: (641) 715-3580  Access Code: 793-802 or Click to Join on Your Computer

Learn the basics:
-What do I need to be ready for my first class or intro series?
-Yoga Etiquette
-What props are for and why they’re important.
-Where do I start?

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Intro to Yoga Series

New to yoga and not sure where to begin? Don’t know your Down Dog from your Up Dog? Click to see our upcoming scheduled intro series. Be sure to select your preferred location in the upper right.

Yoga Dilworth

Get 1-on-1 Attention

Enjoy personalized instruction with one of our knowledgeable, experienced teachers. Click to schedule your appointment.

Which Yoga Class is Right for Me?

Build Strength Slowly and Mindfully

Slow and steady wins the race. Slow Flow, Align & Flow

Get a Great Workout That is Challenging and Exciting

Kick your asana or do something new: Powerful Flow, Sunrise Flow, Lunch Flow

Relax and Be Mellow

Add flexibility to your body, and your mind will follow: Deep Stretch, Yin Restorative

Recover from Injury

Deep Stretch, Align & Flow, Slow Flow, Yin Restorative, Therapeutic Slow Flow

Improve my Golf Game

Keep flexible, keep your head down, swing through the ball and rotate the hips and shoulders: Deep Stretch, Align & Flow, Slow Flow, Yin Restorative, Therapeutic Slow Flow

Support my Running, Bicycling, Roller Derby Habit

Deep Stretch, Yin Restorative, Therapeutic Slow Flow