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New to Be Yoga

At Be Yoga, we know you have choices of things to do with your free time.  We also know you have several choices of places to do yoga in the Charlotte region, so we planned Be Yoga with one thing in mind.  To provide the premier, genuine yoga experience in Charlotte.

The Best Place to Start your Yoga Practice.

Align and Flow Basics, Slow it Down & Stretch It Out, Deep Stretch, and periodic workshop series aimed at beginners (see the Events) provide a thoughtful, systematic curriculum designed to give you a solid foundation, and help you develop your yoga practice.  Each class covers a particular set of related postures in detail, and allows time for repetition so the building blocks can come together for you ‘right on the mat.’  Our instructors focus on the your developing yoga practice, paying attention to alignment, and helping you create good habits right from the beginning

Leave your assumptions at the door.  All you need is a willingness to try something new and a sense of humor. The Be Yoga staff will work with you on the rest!  

The Best Place to Grow your Yoga Practice.

Be Yoga offers a unique and growing variety of classes and workshops to allow you to grow your practice.  In our classes you will constantly be learning new skills, new poses, and be challenged mentally as well as physically.  Whether you want a dynamic practice like vinyasa, an alignment oriented practice like align and flow, a meditative practice like slow flow, or a therapeutic practice like deep stretch, we offer creative sequencing and inspired instruction. Our teachers are seasoned professionals able to keep each student challenged to his/her skill level, while offering modifications when needed to make the practice enjoyable and ‘easy, but not lazy!’

With great workshops and varied classes, there is always something new to keep you engaged and keep you practice from getting into a rut at Be Yoga.  Keeping in fresh and fun for you is what keeps it fresh and fun for us.

Our committment to help you find the best within yourself.

Be Yoga believes in service to your whole self, a sound mind and spirit in a healthy body. We have more ways to enjoy yoga than any other studio in Charlotte. Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your performance in other areas of life, so select your goal to find out what classes will best help you be your best!

I want to:

Build Strength Slowly and Mindfully

Slow and steady wins the race. Easy, but not lazy:  Slow Flow, Align & Flow

Get a Great Workout That is Challenging and Exciting

Kick your asana or do something new: Vinyasa, Intermediate Align & Flow

Improve my Golf Game

Keep flexible, keep your head down, swing through the ball and rotate the hips and shoulders: Deep Stretch, Align & Flow, Slow Flow

Support my Running, Bicycling, Roller Derby Habit

Recover from Injury

Relive the tightness caused by injury, and get strong in the right places to support your body properly: Align & FlowDeep Stretch

Relax and Be Mellow

Add flexibility to your body, and your mind will follow: Deep Stretch

Sweat It Out

Read About All Your Classes

Here you go:

BeInspired™ Classes: Vinyasa, Slow Flow, & Deep Stretch Align & Flow Classes