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Wondering About Yoga?

Hi there.  My name is Andrew Diamond and, I never thought I would say this: I own a yoga studio.

First a little bit of background.  My wife of 4 years, Wendy, has been practicing yoga for 17 years…pretty much since the day she finished college.  Now me, I would be what you might characterize as a typical, middle-aged, American guy.  I have a desk job, like beer and a burger, am happiest to go on a motorcycle ride or hit the links for a round of golf, and otherwise go about my business.

Yeah, I had tried yoga a few times over the years at the gym or or the ‘Y’ or at church…and probably most of it when I was trying to impress my wife early in our relationship that I was ‘sharing her interests’, but it never really connected with me.  So, when Wendy began talking with me about starting Be Yoga, I had my doubts.  She believed that we had the start of a team that could bring something fresh to Charlotte.  After some lenghty discussion, and seeing her enthusiasm, I had to agree, but on some conditions.  This had to be a place where a non-yoga-doin’ guy like me could go, be comfortable, and take a class that he could really get something out of.

Now, I had never set foot in a purpose-built, yoga studio in my life.  Like I said, what little previous experience I had was at the gym or church.  I was worried that the place would be full of these perfect-bodied students who would know everything and that I would wind up looking like an idiot.  Most of the down dogs I knew about were asleep on the floor.

Well, boy was I surprised.  While trying something new is something I haven’t done in years, the Foundations class series and Beginner Anusara Style classes at Be Yoga provides an easy entry into the world of Yoga.  It was great to have the encouragement to try something, get the ‘freedom to make mistakes’, and start working on myself again.  I mean, working ‘on myself’ is something I have done very little of the last several years too.

The Be Yoga space is warm and inviting without being frilly.  The studio is purpose-built to provide the best and safest environment to learn and grow with your yoga practice.  And since I had a say in how it was built, it’s the kind of place that a regular guy like myself can go and develop myself…and it is also the kind of place that a long-term dedicated yogi like my wife Wendy can go as well.  Be Yoga is really a place for all of Charlotte, which is what we really wanted all along.

So try it.  Give it two or three classes.  I assure you…you will learn more about yourself and your potential, both on the mat and off, by simply trying just a few classes. Don’t just take my word for it….you owe it to yourself to see if I am right – and do it on your own terms.