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Vinyasa Yoga, Align & Flow, Slow Flow, Slow it Down and Stretch it Out, Deep Stretch, Silver Yoga, and Karma

All classes begin, and end, with a short meditation (3-5 minutes) to allow time to let your mind quiet down, to let the day go, and come into the present moment. All you have to do, is sit quietly and focus your attention to your breathing… you’d be surprised at how much a little quiet time can help focus your awareness, in a relaxed and positive way.!

VINYASA YOGA – be dynamic
Vinyasa means moving with the breath. By breathing to your fullest, you not only oxygenate the body, but train the mind to be in a focused and aware place – building coordination, strength, and stamina. This class is designed to challenge, and inspire. There will be options and modifications given for all skill levels. This class is perfect for those looking to move, flow, and challenge themselves with new poses!

SLOW FLOW – be deliberate
Poses are held for a minimum of 30 -45 seconds, with mindful and intelligent transitions in between. This builds resilience, and gives you time to put into practice good alignment with the help of your teachers. The challenge is, that in longer holds you will feel your muscles begin to burn. It’s ok to take breaks in child’s pose as you build your strength. You’ll also learn to make your breathing a priority in this slow, but powerful class. A great class for those who like to slow things down and have a more meditative practice. *Beginner Friendly

PA mix of Slow Flow and Deep Stretch, this class offers an opportunity to get your body moving, and relax your mind. *Beginner Friendly

DEEP STRETCH – be deep
A yin-inspired class of floor poses (primarily seated or lying down) where the emphasis is on therapeutically encouraging the body to stretch not just muscles, but ligaments and tendons. This is created by holding the poses for up to 3 minutes, after a short warmup. It is a great option for athletes who need deep tissue release, and for anyone who suffers from tight muscles or stiffness in the body. *Beginner Friendly

SILVER YOGA – be rejuvinated
Silver Yoga, is specifically designed for senior yogis and those new to yoga, though seasoned practitioners are also welcome. This 75-minute class includes an exploration of yoga poses and meditation, with a focus on modifications and the use of yoga props to make all poses accessible. Increase your flexibility, strengthen your spine for a more healthy posture, and celebrate every stage of your life with joy, compassion & freedom! *Beginner Friendly

BE GOOD – be giving
Karma Yoga is the selfless action and service for others as based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism. Each month we select a charitable organization to be our focus for giving back, and have one or more asana classes in support of this focus. Sometimes the focus is local and at others it is more global. A variety of yoga styles are paired with this effort. For more information, click here to go to the “Be Good” page. *Beginner Friendly