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Deep Stretch:
Therapeutically stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons in this yin-inspired class of floor poses (primarily seated or lying down). After a short warm up, we hold poses between 2 to 5 minutes, using props for support. The long, supported holds encourage your body and mind to completely let go. This class is a great option for athletes who crave deep tissue release, and for anyone who suffers from tight muscles or stiffness. Deep stretch cultivates a profound stilling of the mind and openness in the body. *All Levels

Restorative Yin:
Sometimes the best way for us to feel more energized in our lives is to make time to relax and allow our body to restore and regenerate. In restorative yin yoga, we move into gentle poses that help to open and release tension in the body. It is a floor based practice that often encourages use of props to support the body. This practice targets the restoration and deep cellular repair of connective tissue, ligaments and joints. Yin offers the opportunity to connect with a subtler energy force within the body versus a muscular emphasis. Each pose will be held for 1-5 minutes using deep breath to help us activate our relaxation response in the body (the parasympathetic nervous system) and will help us increase the healing benefits of the practice. Prepare to transport yourself into a deep state of relaxation. Leave class feeling refreshed, renewed and restored. *All Levels

Slow Flow:
Move at a slow, intentional pace so that you can connect more deeply with your body and your breath. This class offers a combination of “slow flow” – moving in and out of poses with a full, deep ujjayi breath, and “slow burn” – longer holds for you to really get into the pose and quiet the mind. End class with a gentle floor sequence to prepare your body for savasana. There is an emphasis on anatomical alignment so that you learn the foundation of poses and grow from there. *All Levels

When moving with your breath, you not only oxygenate your body, but train your mind to be focused and aware – building coordination, strength, and stamina.This class is designed to challenge and inspire, and is perfect for those looking to move, flow, and grow! In the warm up, flow between poses with one breath per movement, then hold poses once your body is prepared for deeper postures. Challenge yourself with transitions, too, and enjoy a short floor work sequence at the end of class, to prepare your body for savasana. A solid foundation is recommended before attending these classes, though modifications and alignment cues will be offered for all levels.

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