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Pro Tips – Yoga Etiquette Made Easy

No Shoes In the Yoga Room. No shoes ensures a safe, debris-free environment for barefoot yogis. We have ample cubbie space for you to store shoes and other items.

Bring a Mat, Water, and Towel. We have mats and towels for rental if necessary. You may sweat – be prepared, and maybe bring a change of clothes to be comfortable in on your way home.

Don’t Eat Right Before Class. Moving around, twisting, and going upside down are not great activities on a full stomach. If you need a little energy, then have something easily digestible, like a smoothie, or a small snack.

Hydrate With Water AND Electrolytes. Our bodies need a balance of electrolytes to not feel depleted after exercise, especially in the summertime. Your grocery store will carry Emergen-C, Ultima, or other brands to add to your water. Electrolytes keep muscles from cramping during and after exercise.

Silence Is Golden. Please refrain from talking DURING class. Your fellow students are trying to focus, and your teacher is trying to instruct. Let this be a peaceful sanctuary, and then hit up the coffeeshop to chat and joke about class afterwards! Try to ask questions before, or after class, where we are more than happy to answer.

Wear Comfortable, Modest Clothing.

Please dress modestly.  Fitted clothes stay in place better than looser items when moving around and going upside down.  Shorts must have a long enough inseam to provide appropriate coverage.  If your shirt is too baggy, it will flip into your face in forward folds. Wear what you would to exercise in – soft, comfortable, materials with a little stretch in the fabric.

Cleanliness is Godliness. Please wash your yoga gear regularly to ensure others are not affected by odors. Refrain from using perfume or cologne, as some people may have allergies or asthma. If you’re wondering if you should take a shower before yoga, take one.  Fresh sweat on a clean body smells much better than warmed up old sweat.

If You Are Pregnant, Have Recent Injuries, or Particular Uniquenesses, let the teacher know. They are trained to give modifications for every ‘body’ and will do their utmost to make certain your class is an enjoyable experience. Don’t be shy, we’ve heard it all.

Please remember to take your belongings with you after class. Our lost and found is no place for your favorite water bottle.

Help keep savasana silent. Perhaps our most important yoga etiquette tip, please keep still during savasana to allow your body and mind to assimilate the experience of yoga practice, and to avoid disturbing your fellow yogis.