Chrys is a Physical Therapist who has been in practice for 20 years, integrating yoga with physical therapy. Click here to go to her website to learn how you may benefit from sessions with Chrys.

Birthplace: Winston Salem, North Carolina

When and how did you start practicing Yoga?
I started practicing yoga in 2000.  I went to a yoga class at the Harris Y (it was called Strengthen and Lengthen but it was vinyasa yoga!).  From the first class, I fell in love with connecting breath with movment.  It reminded me of my days as a dancer.  I immediately started practicing and was honored to have some amazing teachers right here in the Charlotte area guide me.  Yoga has changed my life on every level.   It has helped me to be more aware of my perceptions (mostly misperceptions) about life.  I am continually rediscovering that we can choose how we react to life and can then transform life itself.  I use the tools of yoga in my professional life as well as a pediatric physical therapist.  It has profoundly changed how I interact with my patients and families.  I now work on a more holistic level.

When did you decide you wanted to teach Yoga, and where/with whom did you do teacher training?
I had always taught group fitness, and it was natural that I would have an interest in teaching yoga.  I was able to pursue my teacher training with YogaFit, which presented a very thorough and comprehensive approach to the practice of yoga, all within a format which was user friendly and nonintimidating.  This approach taught me how to introduce yoga to others who were new to the practice in a way that they could resonate with.  I have also been strongly influenced by Anusara yoga, and have had the priviledge of training under many of their teachers, John Friend, Sienna Sherman, and  Desiree Rumbaugh. As a physical therapist, I was particularly interested in the therapeutic applications of yoga.  This drew me to study under some amazing yoga therapists, Mukunda Stiles, Judith Laseter, Doug Keller and Leeann Carey, to name just a few.  Everything I now teach in yoga can be attributed to all I have learned from the above teachers, as well as many others.

What styles are you most influenced by in your teaching, and who are your favorite teachers?
My appreciation of yoga styles has changed over the years of practice.  Like many of us, I first fell in love with the powerful vinyasa practice because it was physically challenging.  As my practice deepened, I began to be drawn to Anusara Yoga, Iyengar and Restorative Yoga and of course Yoga Therapy.  My favorite teachers would not only be the teachers I have studied with (mentioned above), but also local teachers here in Charlotte.  Those would include Christine Riverstone, Johnna Smith, Mara Healy and Dawn Hinshaw.

What are your favorite Yoga-related books or DVDs? 
My favorite yoga book,  Wow, that is a difficult question as I have studied and dove into so many.  One of the first books that helped me was one that has resonated with many new practitioners, Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates.  A great book about mindfulness that I have particularly enjoyed is Coming To Our Senses; Healing Ourselves and the World through Mindfulness by Jon Kabat-Zinn. My favorite yoga philosophy book would have to be the Bhagavad Gita. Instead of using DVD’s, I have found myself utilizing YogaVibes to download a variety of classes and teachers for my home practice.

What do you like to do when you’re not doing Yoga? 
When I am not doing yoga, I love to spend time with my family and friends.   We enjoy kayaking on the lake, walking the dogs, biking the trails around town and just hanging out.

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Get your (Slow) Flow on! As a Physical Therapist, Chrys Kub makes the Carmel Monday 9:30 class thoughtful and accessible for all.

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