When and how did you start practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga in high school and had my first profound and transformative yoga experience when I spent a weekend at the Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, Massachusetts when I was in college.  There was something so different and so attractive about the way everyone moved, talked and interacted there and I knew I had tapped into something amazing and I wanted more!
How has it helped you grow as a person?
Practicing yoga and mindfulness has changed my relationship with myself, creating space and softness in my internal dialogue and allowing me to truly inhabit and appreciate my physical body.  Mindfulness practice has given me a tool chest full of tools to use in times of stress, grief and confusion – no matter where I am or what is happening around me, I always know that my breath is available to me to come home to.
What should students expect from your class?

I infuse my classes with guided mindfulness practices and conscious breathing and encourage my students to approach poses with ease and body awareness.  My classes balance more challenging flows and poses with moments of rest and reflection.

Be Yoga has a number of class styles.  What is your favorite and why?

I love Slow Flow for all of the unique, creative flows different instructors bring to Be Yoga and that is my go to class.  I also love the mindfulness and physically restorative aspects of Deep Stretch.
What do you like to do when you’re not doing yoga?
When I’m not doing yoga, I’m usually spending time with my husband, 3 kids and my adorable cockapoo Snowy.  I also run with a running club and love to go on hikes and do just about anything in the great outdoors.