Birthplace:  Cincinnati, Ohio

When and how did you start practicing Yoga?  I started practicing an Ashtanga-based Yoga in 2001 at a gym. I loved it immediately and felt I found the perfect fit for my physical needs. The mental and spiritual gains came later, over the period of many years of practice. From Ashtanga, I went on to practice about every type of yoga there is but I find that Vinyasa is my specialty, my passion. Vinyasa, to me, means freedom, creativity, vigor, and fun.

How has it helped you grow as a person?   Yoga put me on the path to spirituality, to meditation, to all the goods things in my life. I fully credit yoga with improving my life and perhaps even saving my life when undergoing a deep depression. This yogic path towards divine union, inter-connectedness, and loving compassion is something I work on every day. Yoga became such a passion and a calling that I decided to leave corporate work in July 2014 and pursue this discipline fully.

What should students expect from your class? In addition to a physical release and workout, students can expect an uplifting thought/story/theme, support in the form of positive language, cueing, physical assists, and most importantly, love and fun.

Be Yoga has a number of different styles. Which is your favorite and why? Vinyasa is a beautiful dance of motion with breath. For that reason and because of it’s freedom, it is my favorite.

What element of yoga philosophy fascinates you the most? I am currently reading Yogananda’s The Yoga of Jesus which posits that Jesus was studying yoga with various yogis in the India region during those lost years and that his teachings reflect yoga teachings, that Christ consciousness is gained through deep meditation. It fascinates me that Yoga is so ancient and perhaps the basis of much of modern religion. I’m also fascinated by how Yoga is as pertinent today as it was thousands of years ago. The physical practice undergoes changes and advancements with current cultural needs but the root messages are the same.

What do you like to do when you’re not doing Yoga?   An avid animal lover, I spend time with my cats and foster kittens. I am an animal communicator and can speak to your pets telepathically. I practice an energy flow modality called Jin Shin Jyutsu, and I provide intuitive readings and guidance.

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My favorite class is Emily’s Powerul Flow. I always feel worked out, up lifted, and energized. She always has the right amount of spirituality and nice messages. She effortlessly oozes JOY and LOVING KINDNESS. She is very special.

Kika Jacques

Another GREAT class from Emily! I love it how she always mixes it up and challenges you every time!