When and how did you start practicing yoga?

During my senior year in college I took an introduction to yoga class and loved it. After college when I was living in Boston, I began running as a way to relieve stress from the workday and found yoga to be the perfect complement for before or after a running workout. Since moving to Charlotte, I try to practice at least 4x per week, and have started to explore more inversions!

How has it helped you grow as a person?

Yoga has helped me to slow down, be more mindful, and realize more often what is within or outside of my control. When I first began practicing yoga, I did it for the physical aspect of the practice and now I need yoga so much more for the mental and spiritual aspects that it offers.

What should students expect from your class?

Students should expect an encouraging and inclusive space where they have the opportunity to build strength in their bodies and peace in their minds. While I try to emphasize listening to your body during practice, I hope that students also feel playful and ready to challenge their limits, too.

Be Yoga has a number of class styles. Which is your favorite, and why?

I think the beauty of different class styles is that you can chose what’s best for you depending on how you feel, but if I had to choose a style I gravitate towards most often, it would be powerful flow. I love the energy I feel when truly flowing through poses and building heat. There’s no better savasana than after a power class!

What do you like to do when you’re not doing Yoga?

I love to run! In 2015, I completed two marathons, DC and Chicago – I love to talk about how yoga and running are the perfect pair!