When and how did you start practicing yoga?

Yoga found me in 2011and I thought this is where my heart feels alive along with God. I used to go to class here and there throughout college years and after. My mother enjoys yoga and would always have books around to browse when I was young. The pictures are what struck me. The beautiful alignment of how the body folds so easily. All poses looked effortless. I wanted to look like that! Of course, I had the excuse for a long time of “I don’t have time.” Well you can guess what happened after that 🙂

What should students expect from your class?

I would like to have my students be filled with joy, peace, hope, love, laughter, silence when I guide their practice. As I continue to educate and indulge in workshops, I hope to bring students closer to self contentment, discover more enlightenment in and outside of class. It’s time to express your thoughts, face fears, listen to your body, be still, and many more powerful discoveries!

Be Yoga has a number of class styles. Which is your favorite, and why?

I do not have a favorite style of yoga. I like the different styles of yoga but have not tried every style. One day! Maybe this is what I can do when I’m not doing my usual vinyasa or slow flow. Ha! If I had to pick it would be slow flow.

What do you like to do when you’re not doing Yoga?

Hanging out with nephew is my other joy in life. He knows the downward dog! 🙂
Can’t wait to practice next to you!