When and how did I start practicing yoga?

I accepted a friends invitation to join her in a yoga class!  I fell deeply in love. I knew it was my path to inner peace!

How did yoga help me grow as a person?

Yoga has taught me how to control my EGO which has been the source of so much turmoil. Yoga taught me to accept myself as I am and to accept others. It has also taught me a lot about staying positive. I learn something every time I step on my mat.

What should students expect from my class?

I want my students to feel loved and accepted. I want them to feel like they can be themselves. I hope to encourage them to be creative and push themselves. I enjoy reminding them that this is a community and we should all get to know each other. I love spreading encouraging messages while I teach, hoping they will reflect on them in their lives.

Be Yoga has a number of class styles. Which is my favorite, and why?

I love Universal Yoga because I love long holds! I also love using the upper and lower body and all ranges of mobility. Universal Yoga also uses pranayama and mantra in class. I find this amazing and complete.

What element of yoga philosophy fascinates me the most?

Kundalini yoga is fascinating. I enjoy the internal focus and working with the chakras. Mara Healy and Andrey Lappa have helped me expand my knowledge of this intense subject. Always more to learn!

What I like when not doing yoga?

I am a children’s entertainer: Corky the Magic Clown. I am always practicing yoga in all areas of my life! I feel this is my yoga for children. I focus on the spiritual side to everything. Spreading Peace, Love and Kindness in a world that desperately needs it. My mission is to make others feel valued and special and LOVED!


I’m very picky about yoga classes I attend. It has to be a spiritual experience in addition to a physical practice which transforms And balances my physical body. I find both with the wonderful Universal Yoga practice here on Fridays. Thank you Susan Mangum!

Chrys Kub, PT ERYT 500